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see forever when I traced your palm
Even if I stared into a crystal ball
Who knows if it would tell me anything at all?

I'm not a mindreader
What made
never the same
Twisted reality
You loved like a dream
Beautiful mystery
That I’ll never get over
No, I’m not a mind-reader
Can’t tell if you’re staying
anything doesn’t make sense
You don’t have to guess, no
You're a mindreader
Something bout you is different
Some kind of energy is messing
doesn't make sense
You don't have to guess now
You're a mindreader

Heart is raisin' here now
Never wanna wake out
I want it up till the end oh
By your own ghost

(You say)
(You say)


You say
You can do without it
I kinda doubt it
I hear you shout it
In your mind

it doesn’t make sense
You don’t have to guess now
You’re a mindreader
No one in this country
Has to fall like Humpty Dumpty
To hurt 
A little like me
No one in this land
Needs a mind-reader at hand
To know
As much as I
it doesn't make sense
You don't have to guess now
You're a mindreader

I'd have to be a mindreader, baby, just to know what's goin' on
You don't need no crystal ball, sugar, can't you see my love is strong

Don't you
gun, run, run, run.
Farmer boy, get your gun and run, run, run like a son of a gun from love.
Running from the mindreader, run baby, run.

Got a date
I love Trippie Redd

Don't wake up when it's too late
They might think that you hate me
I'ma get it in while you
Without saying it
Without saying it
Yeah how do I say this
Without saying it
Without saying it
Without saying it
Oh I know you're not a mindreader
But could
Take me to the foreign land
Where my heart beats like a canister
Sharp needles
And a pot of morning dew

A mindreader told me how to keep
the doorman its a top floor exchange
I'm in the back like a five-seater
Predicted all this shit got me feeling like a mindreader
It's not about the rent
you'd said
But I'm a mind-reader
Now write me a love song
I wanna feel it

And I don't know the words when you're around
But you would be the first one in
face then smoke that place
You got tied up like a shoelace, its a disgrace, your nose is displaced

9 Milimeter feeding roadmen
Mindreader, cah he know
the halls
I'm a violent sleeper
A dreamer and loss leader
You're a morning steeper
A bleeder and mind-reader
You’re a noble bird flying low and flat
And I'm
a mind-reader
With all that sensitivity, what do they feed ya? 
If something sets you off then warn us first
And then you can blame us if we make you feel worse
read lips I'm not a mind-reader
Out with it
Say it proud
Beautiful embarrassment beach cheeks summer strong
(I don't wanna live like I could die
I'm a mindreader
I done put her in a benz, she used to drive kia’s
I keep her on nails on fleek, bad señorita
I'm Goin' Krazy huh
She all on my jock,
your life if you scheme wrong
They wait for you to get your drink on
And put your link on
If clubs was the jungles we the hyenas
Mindreaders 1999 leaders
punishment, after this I run the shit
Pack your bags, I push rappers in front of moving cabs
You want to swing with us, but I'm duckin' your jabs
A mindreader

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