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Don't get fooled by the
Devil's hand

It's dream within dream
Fool forever, don't get fooled
Don't get fooled, be the devil

In your eyes

Rumours Move In The Past
When Safety Has Lost The Way
The Nightmare
It's Only Revenge
Magic Veils Are Flying On Me
And Their Eyes Embrace The Truth
into the dark
Dreaming a thousand morbid dreams
No tomorrow when the wind caress my mind
Could I ever return, it would be my doom

Obsessed by
We said our promises by candlelight
You held my hands, I was dressed in white
We were young
How can we see that far?
How can we see that far?
Originally performed by Celtic Frost
Dreaming eyes
Hope to return
As shadows fall onto
Distorted paths
Delivered from the fetters of light
by mystics taught
No pain, no joy, no power too great
Colossal strength to grasp a fate
Where sad-eyed mermen tossed in slumbers
Nightmare dreams
by mystics taught
No pain, no joy, no power too great
Colossal strength to grasp a fate
Where sad-eyed mermen tossed in slumbers
Nightmare dreams
Wake me up or I'll lose my mind

yet she doesn't fucking care
This nightmare's draining me inside
Terrified to close my eyes
This nightmare makes me
as a nightmare
Criticized through words and eyes
As they stare
To the normal it seems grotesque
Connected by a bond of flesh
Two minds, two hearts, one soul
of the Mind
Monolith Tampon
Big Greasy Smile
Intestinal Drubbling
Forming in Piles
Nails in your Forehead
Knots in your Eyes
Red Urine Junkies
Breeding like
creature laughed out its scorn to the dawn
The sun wasn't able to send down its light, swallowed by thoughts in my mind
Dark was my conscience, I was
I woke up tired I woke up down on my knees tonight My eyes were wet and I felt so dead inside 
A grieving fragment of myself distorted memory
I've never realized how bad it was
To lose the ground to rest my feet
Humanity is lost inside
My eyes can't teach my mind

Clockwork nerves
nightmare life time
You're better off dead
Pain and warfare, sex-crime
You're better off dead

Broken dreams devastated
By your will to live
Ruined by
Mirror mirror upon the wall
Magic demon eye
A realm of madness awakened by the call
Speak the ancient words of mages
Try to take control
Four walls, a ceiling, and a constant fear of the unknown.
Driven by a mother's instinct to protect her child,
her worst nightmares materialize
Beware of night for we all know he's loose again
Behind him lies the eyes of mercy and despair
Forever living out his nightmare comes to life
All that I ever wanted
To understand my nightmares
Possessed by my fears
Betrayed by my pride
Alone I wandered in the deepest dark
see the signs 
That led you here 

Nightmare castle 
Built within your mind
Psychotronic laughter 
Echoes through the walls 

Nightmare castle
of mine.
Sing a lullaby; mother is close by.
Innocent date such innocent eyes!
Envy stole your brothers life.
Came home murdered piece of mind.
Left you
Crumble and decay 
Worst of this monstrosity 
Is that this is fucking reality 
Wake me up or I'll lose my mind 
This nightmare's draining me inside
Standing by the speaker, suddenly I had this
Fever, was it me or either summer madness
Cause I just can't stand around
So I get closer
By the blood, honour and steel
By the flame of the black wax
A Covenant I will seal!

Rebellion! Rebellion! Rebellion!
Spawning the Rebellion!
Have faith and you won't be left behind
Haunted by the thoughts of a failed life

There's a message embedded in my mind
I see it
your eyes 
Or that your mind has turned to applesauce 
The dreary architecture of your soul 
I said, but what is it exactly turns you off?

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