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than you give
Think you got it turned around
Somewhere past the flood
Have yourself a sitty down
Osage Biscuit Club

Fine hand milled flour
are milled to the sole and our souls are skin and bones
If I'm a stranger still just move the severed pieces around

So course is the world
Ooh, she couldn't stop 
She gave herself to him, milled it completely 
He lifted her so high he let her drop 

She gave up everything for him that
I wanna be held
I wanna be schooled
I wanna have every plea for mercy overruled

I wanna be milled
I wanna be rolled
I wanna be there.
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
could get no sleep
On the street they milled outside
Soon this man had to spend his days inside

He cured a woman who could not speak
And you know
where queues ten deep,  
Soon this faith healing man could get no sleep.  
On the street they milled outside,  
Soon this man had to spend his days
pistol grip, images relocated from milled vellum to scissor kick, silent agreement at hand, king of the hill for a queen of the damned, she in the doorway
Behave, we'll be milled over time
Oh how does no one follow? turning heads away
All living solo
Why sift in this?
All these things and all these
be the last round
One way ticket, through the wind-milled plain
I got a one way ticket through the sky, the snow, the sleet and rain
One way ticket
you milled in the doorway here and keep every
problem you want my dear, I'll make it perfectly clear:
all I desire is your physical pain.
Like when you
times will I change my mind
For who I've loved the most
I'm a battered steel milled turning wheel
Built where the wind blows close
Is it wrong I miss you
But he's raggedy and sore

Six wishes. Percy Wishkiller
Five for the wishlist, four for my filler
Never filled enough 
But I milled, I'm a miller
All presence on earth must be destroyed

Clear cut and build, 'til every inch of land is filled
Locate a drill until all our resources are milled
blew out the candle as the wax dripped to the floor
The finely milled sand that you dragged through the door
It's all a reminder of what I lost
The way
Started with a penny and a pocket full of dreams
Multiplied that shit went and built my team
As strong as the steel milled up in the Burgh
piped up
White truck, Bentley truck tinted up
Rimed up, in here tucked
Y'all niggas get trimmed up
Me and K-10 out of it milled up
Tim'd up, Polo boots
at the hetacomb

For one hundred lost
Is three the cost?
Milled to brown mire
Quenched their ire

With film and sound
Paint this scene
Which exploits your
Hearing stories talking about people were killed
And I definitely wasn't skinned or milled
Everyone in my life showed deep affection
Even with all
gathered and bagged the unread mail
As I milled about memorizing light switches, water stains
Dropped the key in the letterbox and drove off

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