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Alone in this world no middle ground either friend or foe pick your corner and wait for the bell learned my lesson the time before conditioned
four and sixty four makes a hundred and twenty eight 
A hundred and twenty eight divided by three 
Let me pause for reflection for a second
and a second to die

It was crazy how it happened
Some niggas rolled by in the Riviera capping
All I could see was a pistol spitting rounds
And the boy was
Life goes on in the streets of my hood when you die
But some cry, and gets by, while others choose to wonder why
His life was took at such an early
the bricks out with all of his might
He's making his way through little by little
One minute more and he'll get to the middle
He gets to the other side
throw the key
Throw the key

An earthquake squirting fire, bursting ground
Satan's screaming and earth swallowing him away

You're the keeper of the seven
(Genesis 6:1-9 and Genesis 7)
Noah was a knower, he knew the heart of God
Noah was a knower, to build the wooden ark x 2
All the animals
Bodies hit the ground, tires screeching niggas yell "Compton"
Like oh, oh
Them niggas hoppin' out of coupés, coupés
Fuck you thought nigga they tryna'
Step-by-step this is where I came from
7 Pounds, 6 ounces to graduation
Yeah, this place is in my veins, that's right

These are my stompin' grounds
A first kiss
(Bill Fries, Chip Davis)

Me an' Earl was haulin' chickens on a flatbed out of Wiggins, and we'd spent all night on the uphill side of thirty-seven
at the moon.
Well, there's a race on for tomorrow.
I'm stretching out for what might have been.
Going to come out from the night, 
Got my second sight 
only hope's your victory
Kill that Satan who won't let us be--kill!

You're the Keeper of the Seven Keys
That lock up the seven seas
(Bill Fries, Chip Davis)

Me an' Earl was haulin' chickens on a flatbed out of Wiggins, and we'd spent all night on the uphill side of thirty-seven
check it
a hundred and fifty seven thousand victims in a second
gotta give it up for brigitte and ted brand new newly-weds
there's nothing i would love
The First Day Of Christmas Was Pretty Sweet
Got New Clothes From My Head To My Feet
The Second Was Even Better Then The First
I Got A New Phone
From the tidal waves that scream she comes through,
The woman in white riding the sky.
Laid me down on hallowed ground,
Gave her chains to me,
at the Jazz Star, he really needs some guts 
Playing from seven to midnight, surviving on peanuts 
Selling records by the dozen 
Probably sold his tenor
Of our time, of every crime
Of every pound of dust and grime

In two seconds I will hit the ground
A moment stretched out over years
And my
a crack dealer by the name of peter
Had to buck him down with my 9 millimeter
He said I had his girl, I said "now what are you? stupid?"
But he tried
a ghetto nigga's lullabye

A seven-deuce full of niggaz goes by
Thought I was trippin the second time they rolled, by
Recognized the plates, the faces
the ground. Their ears were deafened by the crushing sound. Waved to the people as he picked up his bag grabbed his cigar and his black silk rag. Up two steps
on the ground
Even when I'm dead and gone, I'll always be around

I'ma walk to my funeral like my middle name was Lynch
In the game riding high, while you
to wonder
Should I produce or should I tour this summer
Well just that second I heard stay where you are
Before I could stop I was hit by a cop car
I laid
[Manny Fresh]
I told ya fuckin' ass I be back 
In a brand new Fleetwood Cadillac
License plate say money makin' nigga fa sho
Chillin' by ya boy house
surrounded by his books
A serious, lonely and sad old man whose youth has passed him by

And Jim and Will conspire
To ride the carousel
Could set their souls