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all on me, can’t blame no-one else
‘Cuz I’m my own worst enemy
That’s what they all said to me
Playin’ with the fire now I’m burning so messily
say that shit so messily
You can never tell the difference
All I ever see is the ignorance
While i'm feeling so vigorous
I'll make you follow my
so small and fine I barely felt them in my hands
That now so messily form tangles and strangle each breath
A silent devastation replayed alone inside
that mouth, yeah some like a spelling bee
She does her hair messily (Yeah)
So she can give me that head to infinity (Yeah)
Bitch you is no kin to me
Leaving a...
Leaving a...
Leaving a...
Leaving a...
Leaving a legacy
Over these melodies
Over ever endlessly
Messily but lengthily
My words are weaponry
So messily
Fuck their guts
The Feds are the enemy
They gon be the end of me
The death of me
Poppin ecstacy 
Serotonin and dopamine
rest for weeks
After his weaponry blasts the special needs
Class wit MAC eleven heat blasted messily
As a mess to clean but he has the recipe
Wit acids
suspended on the overhanging rocks
the open jaws to emit
a deadly frozen breath

We ran back
messily and wounded
no way out from there


I get a high when I rhyme, and I spray 'til I faint

This is my destiny
Step to me, messily, rest in peace
Swisher is next to me
Breath is the,
Is happy on the shelf
And I want it messily wrestling everything down
Everything down
Down, down

As for I,
I'm way too fucking high
is happy on the shelf
And I want it messily wrestling everything down
Everything down, down, down

As for I, I'm way too high 'cause I'm one who
you need from me
I done moved on so easily
Why yo man bread so messily
And I heard you out here lease to lease
A ok I'm moving fine
You out here you do
own sick
Cause the white man just don't care
I'm starving and there's food up the street
A messily four quarters can get me something to eat
I'm eight
We should be alone now
Girl I'm seldom home now
I just wanna be grown now
Hennessey gets the best of me
And the best of me leaves you messily
I forgot
Write my name down and burn it on the spot

I wear my hair so messily
And golden bones sprout out of me
But I'm just a weed, a contagious

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