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3am , put 200 on the dashboard
100 bands on me, your bitch, and all my passports

We just landed LAX, but at the Clearport
Liaah texting messaged
all these girls want to feel some other deal
Seems to be how these things go

"You don't call me, enough"
She messaged me the next day
"If I didn't know
She loves calculus, and drinking tea.
So I messaged her, and she replied to me.
She said she built a voice, that gives you choice,
And helps you
want is everything overdue
To be driving in the dark with you
Yeah screw the limelight
All I wanna be is in your eyes
You messaged me but I never replied
Got me going insane 

Goth e-girls always hitting me up
Acting like some demons 
I think i had me enough
Messaged in the pm
Always asking to fuck
to a dating site
I wrote my profile and to my delight
You messaged me on a Monday night
So I wrote this song for you
A German girl on the internet
A German girl
I still gave You my best hand
I messaged her 11:30
It was a late night text
And when I went to sleep that night
I was dreaming about sex
But that's
the morning until dark
You were always in my head
My cravings could not be fed

And then you started ignoring me
And you messaged me annoyingly
There were
I messaged that pretty girl this mornin
Askin baby, are you seein anyone
I messaged that pretty Girl this mornin
Askin baby, are you seein anyone
And then you messaged me, 2 years after diappearing
Tears welling in my eyes here comes that feeling
Then you told me that you missed me - miserable
you were cold

The driver messaged, said he's stuck in the snow
I said there's no way I'm not walking you home
Next thing you know it we were drying
to prove it
You were pussy when I messaged you
I don’t social beef, you a thief, still a neek, fuck with me?
Know I’ll put you in the ground 6 feet
If you
the phone,
LOL smiley face we can go and kick it bay later on at my place,
She messaged me on myspace told me she loved me,
She texting my phone 4:30 in da
and kick it bay later on at my place,
She messaged me on myspace told me she loved me,
She texting my phone 4:30 in da morning,
Baby I'm horny, I wanna kiss
you've been lying to me.
..your f***ing driving me f***ing nuts!
!i dont know what to do!
i text messaged you like 10 times and you didnt f***ing
to take away my energy, save it like Dennis Eckersley
These niggas thirsty as a speech was in Tennessee [?]
You girl messaged me, calling me bae like
watched him struggle to his feet
You took photos capturing his defeat
And messaged them to all your friends
And we all laughed at his expense

Ooh ooh
Do you know what's literally crazy?
When you messaged me, I was drivin'
And in my head, I was just like, "I need to listen to Trippie right now"
my predecessors never heavy lectured (never!)
Daily messaged through the text, vexed, totin' extra (tote!)
Pedal bike sales, baggin', pumpin', just
of me
But they never called and they Messaged me
These days the same ones can't get next to me no
This the type of life make a nigga go crazy
Go crazy
colder than the esky where you left me
Can’t restart the past, don’t try clear up what you messaged
Now you try impress me, probably coz I got that good
So shabby chic
Ya I sneak a peek on the I-G
I’m a real creep on the F-B
Your hair different color every day of the week
I like that
You messaged
Suck twenty-four dicks
Like a beat up bitch
Cause my puppy's twenty-four

The first night he messaged me he ended up on
All fours licking up his pup
understand that and the feelings start to peel
Then she messaged what I'm doing now I don’t what’s her deal
Tell me where you wanna go
She don’t want to stay

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