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something I must confide
I think we've lost our touch
There's no sparkle in those eyes

What an awful mess I've made
There's nothing left to save
real through the drama
We still brothers now
[AJ Randall ajrandall106]

Provide for my family
Ride with my family
Things tough, still by my side
on a river and as wild as a straw in the wind
But you came along and just by being you made me feel like a woman again
(Every minute that I may live)
comes forth to claim the weak
I won't listen, I won't listen
When we're face down, reveling in mess we've made
When city walls transform into a cage
to the days before we made a mess (can we)
Lets take it back take it back Baby lets take it back yeah

Two months ago, months ago, I remember (I remember)
makes me think
Everything we do is weak
Turn down
Oh 'cause look at the mess we've made
Who's gonna clean it up?
Oh my God, where's Captain Planet?
going out altogether

Oh, I live by my mirror and stare in my eyes
Trying to make out who I see there
But I'm looking at a woman that I can't
Let's dance around the mess we've made
Call someone up, let's score an eighth
To sit and relax
There's nothing we can do about the past

The stars
is just chaos, confusion, and a big mess
But we got to keep striving
To leave town, never stay down but keep rising
>From the ghetto, not always ghetto
the music had a message in it
We was rebels against it
The best was intended to lessen the gimmicks, but now
Y'all made a mess of it
And somebody gotta

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