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And not in our holiday
And so every December
I go to the Middle East and say

"Hey there Mr. Muslim
Merry fucking Christmas
Put down that book
Over head
You hang a twig of merry mistletoe and
Ol' Saint Nicholas gay are we
Catching kisses by the yuletide tree

How does it feel to be such
I'm Mrs. Nat King Cole
And what a joy it's been
To be asked by Brian McKnight
To remember some of the christmas' with my husband
We were married
I'm Mrs. Nat King Cole
And what a joy it's been
To be asked by Brian McKnight
To remember some of the christmas' with my husband
We were married
am I gonna go?

I'll be home for Christmas
Or maybe Mele Kalikimaka is the right way
Joyeux Noël, Feliz Navidad, Christmas, Merry Christmas mon, oh
the season to be jolly

Merry Christmas muthafucka! 
Merry muthafuckin' Christmas and a ho ho ho! 
While I'm ridin' that cot under the missile toe 
We're walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

Merry Christmas everybody
to a life of meaning
Bleeding out my mind like I don't like the way you're fucking breathing
Blinded by the media, chance to see is ever fleeting
Yeah, yo

Call me Gunshot Mike or Mr Skeng
Check one-two-one man skitzed again
Dickhead you and a dickhead crew
Getting gassed up by your
If you think you're swift then forget Merry Christmas
Now stuff that in your stocking
I'm knocking em out the box 'n'
Knocking em out their sock 'n'
that neck like a Chico stick
I know who beat'cha quick (who?), my grip
Failing this to some type of tournament
I cut ya fucking head off and use it
a snowman (Bells are ringing, children singing)
Will pretend that he is Parson Brown (All is merry and bright)
We'll have lots of fun with Mr. Snowman (Hang
And chef it like Mrs. Fields they’re making the cookie stretch
I know it so well, I know the hustle so well
Stunt like I’m workin’ overnighters right by
Can't understand why it's so fuckin easy
So how you like it like it now
Yeah, yeah, right, whatever, whatever
Well Mr. Fucking Know-It-All, he
clutch as fuck
Fast lifestyle slow me down double cup

Old school vis'ans rhyme ambidextrous
I switch hands five o clock when your bitch lands 
By six
Why would you ask Siri? Mr. Feenie
On a fence with experience he need
To tell you about what you should believe in
You should be out here just
(master p)
Oh yea
It's christmas time nigga
Well muthafuckin merry christmas and new years nigga (ha,ha)
Y'all didn't think we was gonna do it again
aren't allowed that thought
And believe me, if they were, they would use it.
There'd be a lot of dogs and cats, owned by assholes
That live in
concerned what niggas thinkin’ about Christmas in August
Do anything to buy gifts for they daughters
Get some shake a brick in the press
And chef it like Mrs