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Merchandising for a score.
Calculating, tabulating, 
Investigating for some more.
A calendar of spring and summer, 
Autumn, winter for your
Don't take that merchandising, snatch that publishing
Practice that black ass, ship you to London
By way of France, Germany, Dublin
A railroad
about merchandising I'm so underground everyday I wake up at 7:30 and I still ain't dead. 
It's all about if I don't come down up off of this irony
By a palm tree in the sand 
Coming down in recovery 
We fail to understand 
Wait around for discovery 
With Merchandising plans
So take the dive
merchandising sozinho .. rá rá
propre nom sur un tricot
On conjugue plus qu'le verbe "avoir", l'argent fascine
J'écris dans l'noir, loin de votre merchandising
P't'être j'ai eu ma
il merchandising
Essere il numero uno indiscusso perché non servono prove
Stare in alberghi di lusso solo con gente che se la gode
Con bottiglie che
we see
How he's going to be

Black message
Of a terrible place
No smile
Appears on his face

I'm saving saving up to buy
Some danzing merchandising
Nothing here to be ashamed of

Those ever loyal fans
They want to get their hands
On His newest merchandising
Ignoring overpricing

I guess emotion doesn't matter when your merchandising pain
Yet it is done so often we have forgotten who to blame
So left in the hands of others
pensi che ora può bastarmi, ehi (no, no, no)
Trovi ancora Zzala con due o tre bastardi (uh)
Ma dentro siamo veri come il merchandising (ehi)
Io non mi

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