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. brilliantine 
An ecospheric protoplasmic bubble 
of translucent membranous crystalline 
Containing a polysomatic fetus 
of biogeniological
This is a tale spun straight out of my binary core. This is a vision of my world seen through membranous eyes. This is the oceans filled with
this potion well 
Molecular brew
A membranous stew
From my seas a primitive cell

I am alive 
I am alive 
I am alive 
I am alive

Evolution, destiny
I get good dome, I'm well hung by the membranous
Kiss the microphone, someone go remember this
I'm coming for the throne, go run and tell a bitch,
Entombment conviction.
Membranous demise.
Failure to fathom the extent of my captors.
Dragged into the abyss.
Far beyond my post-mortal
Through stones on my head
I can call to the vertigo star
Eclipse of these membranous graves...

I can take you.
(but) before, I do
they burn
Through the membranous skin, Froglord will soon learn

Now with the advantage, we make him croak in pain
As the sky fires down a chemical rain
Resurrected, infected degenerate toil
No longer restrained by corporeal chains
Soul charged, but cold, numb and stained

Developing membranous wings
will lead you the way to the womb of decay, 
The heart of my maze. 
Sunlight reflected through membranous wings 
Paints the strangest rainbow you've
the way to the womb of decay, the heart of my
Maze. Sunlight reflected through membranous wings paints the strangest 
Rainbow you've ever seen. Row upon

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