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to ash

Self-contained eternity, we've sealed the dawn
By torching the sun with the dragons we have spawned
Farewell to all, it's time to leave
Eliminate, the life decline
I've paid the masters with blood and hunger 
And it's not for sale by any stretch. 
It's like religion without a Bible
Eliminate, the life decline
I've paid the masters with blood and hunger
And it's not for sale by any stretch

It's like religion without a Bible
No one could have their moments free from your withering touch. 
Fuck off like you're the only person that has ever cried or been broken by love
Serpent tails and flying fish
Sup up all the wishes
That you sent to the stars
Chinese dragons incandescent
Mirrors in the waves
I want to put
Dragon Goetia
Red gold on cold stone
With the dead arise

Rise winged serpent
Before the unseen
Rise the serpenteye star

Through times
The man from the north and the man from the south
One by the brain, one by the mouth
Climb through the tube into the cube
Of the perspex Japanese garden
impure durt.
Open the gate of netzatch see the perverted once riding the dragon to 
malkuth turning the sun to steel by an eruption never seen !
rappers say they tryna get they swagger right
Cause I done came wit mo' fire than a dragon fight
Fuck you pussy ass hater you should do you
You ain't
With my words on a page it's equivalent to cash
My tongue's a trigger finger, none can test
The flows, I compose in the lab
When I grab my pen
makin' a ?, I burn a lot of bridges down
Then I played in the ash like fuck your following
All we ever wanted was good pussy and credit scores
Their own