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[verse 1]
First of all yo gotti represent every thug
Went to school graduated operated with drugs
Had knowledge went to college fucking bitches
it'll take em years to bite it
Which the greatest fears I don't write it it just appears outta no where like da
Information contain by the phycic like it
[Intro: Big Moe]
Throw, yo' hands high, wave 'em side to side
Throw, yo' hands high, wave 'em side to side
Throw, yo' hands high, wave 'em side
Under-cover, over the hills and through the woods I go
Like green lights, a southern nigga that's comin fo' yo' throat
But not no guillotine see,
[Verse One: Big Boi]
Under-cover, over da hills and through tha woods I go
Like green lights, a southern n**** that's comin fo' yo' throat
But not no
Single, I'm single (It's Yo Gotti) Go go go go go
It's gonna rock up in the building (Go, go)
Single single single, single, single (I know)
[Royce Da 5'9"]
Unlock ya locks, and keep ya keys
The Pac in me, got me thinking deeply
I got to shock MC's, wit my philosophy
Cause I think very
holla at yo' peoples nigga..

[Verse 1 Ja Rule]
For now on call me the don, and bicthes call me don da da
Where ever I go niggaz soon to follow'
then ball
Then tell da brat to keep her mouth closed
Fuck around and get tossed up, by the fuckin' Outlawz
Before I leave, make sure everybody heard
doubt  no doubt 
Do your thing  do your thing 
Yo it's Diggy Das  M.O.P.  and that nigga Teflon 
Let's get it on what what 
Let's get it on yeah yeah
to the trap (you should be proud of me)
This my letter to the trap

I know time flies by
I ain't shit in your eyes
I been fuckin' with this rap game, I
who gon' tell yo mother, her baby's under a cover in the morgue
Stiff as a log, sniffed out by the dogs
Son of a hard headed nigga that wouldn't
gangsta shit
I say No Limit loud, cause we ain't scared of nobody
Organized by P or should I say, John Gotti
Real niggas, put ya guns up if ya feel me
can't quit, 'cause we on da grind [Daz (Kurupt)] Yo! (Gangstafied back on the block) Straight up D-A-Z, K-you-are-you-P-T Doin' it like usual, you know
Recuerda que yo soy el Dyablo
Why que yo hago
Que bailes a este ritmo que es latino why ah llegado

Feel dis lyrical jingle
Plug me on da
No diggedy - Das EFX we rip it e'rytime

Verse 1: Dray, Books

Yo yo
Well biggity back from the gutter, ya beat the butter flow comin
Fresh starch yo clothes had all da fine hoes
Every time he took a picture he pulled out his bankroll
I watched and observed niggas taught me how tah
you ain't a soldier, then what's yo' purpose bitch?!!

[1st Verse: [Silkk The Shocker & Master P]]

[Silkk The Shocker]
See, I'm a N-O, nigga L-I
I'm fuck your bitch
Ok yo, hoe lay low, get mayo, like OJ yo, say hoe
Plug it in, pull it out, put it in, wat it is, that's wat it's all about
' hands highhh wave 'em side to side

Everybody clap yo' hands, and sing along wit me
It's Big Moe, da barre baby, representin these Southside streets
You can tell I'm real, by lookin' in the ball of my eye.
I will get some cream from it, one day, your baby, and my baby.
Can my some dough on Teem
[Lil' Gotti]
Now why dey want to see me dead niggas put prices on my head
Now I got two Rottwielers by my bed

Niggas afraid to see a Gambino
tha hood, its all good
Cause tha hood that I plug is tha Bay understood?
Rock 'em, sock 'em leave 'em for dead but keep up in yo sight
Tightly lock
he's a rider now
What they want from us motherfuckin thug niggaz?
Used to love niggaz now I plug niggaz, and slug niggaz
Am I wrong? Niggaz makin songs,
Finta get real in here (word up), don't stop, (yo yo), that nigga daz
(Uh Yeah through kurupt talking)

Uh uh uh uh uh uh, Kurupt young Gotti