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the judge ordered me to see a shrink
Started with the link, contended her to meet me
At the local Odd Future Wolf Gang skating rink
We was uniquely in sync,
mean you the mamacita I've been dying to meet
beautiful in a day in July and May
last summer at the puerto rican day parade
I said "mida chica, que te
really nice to meet ya boy)
(Ya know I'm really feeling yo style)
(Ya know I want to chill with a balla so)
(Lets get down!)

Hey! I see what
more famous by the hour
I'm stuffed with pastries and drunk with power
Now they're puttin' up my statue by the Eiffel Tower

A little more
the middle at the top by the gate
On the grass with the crass Volkswagen estate
Whose is it? Mine! You're kidding, it's great! (Jesus)
I just love the way