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and Jose Happiness
Drift with Smokey, Bill Medley, Bobby Taylor, and Otis Redding.
Soul music where frustrations are washed by drums, Nina and Miriam
are near
Shopping needs the pain that's got ? blowing through my mind
Into way you never feel or want to know when you are near
The simple feeling,
We took love easy
One day at a time
I keep those memories in my mind
Ain't a day goes by
I don't stop crying
Things ain't simple anymore
We were
As fat as free Willy really 
It's kind of chilly in my brain
Rappers get nightmares like Dana Dane man
This type scares optometrist

Plain and simple
Black sun came and changed our name
Made our lives this simple stain

All we do is smite
For what we think is right
Sound of mind bereft of sight
of the times
When we couldn’t make up our minds
Hours and years, just disappear

I’m looking out for a simple kind of true
Don’t know what I am waiting for
(Mike Pinder) As time goes by you will see That we're going to be free You and me, we'll touch the sky Can you see in your mind's eye That we are one

This is the time when our minds begin stocking
Jammering on when our lips have stopped talking

Simple people, simple needs
Fingers linger
Quest to find
Faith in Manunkind

Of Eden, so simple and pure
Needy, must we have more?

I've become hostage to my mind
Left myself
The little things you do that please me so
The way you always understand
When simple joys bring peace of mind
These are the ties that bind

You're all I
knew he was
A little rough around the edges
Simple in mind but always had a kind eye for you
(Oh for you, for you)

He took me by the hand
And said
Charmed by pipes - drugged with ale,
Simple minds - born to fail,
Father please tell a tale of turncoat rebellion.

Watch us quietly disappear at the call
[Ja Rule]
Uh, uh, yeah
We back up in this motherfucker
Murder Inc
Ha ha
I go by the name of the Rule
You know
Got my nigga Chink Santana in
mentioned yet
Oh, what do simple folk do to forget?

Often, I am told, they dance a fiery dance
And whirl 'till they're completely uncontrolled
Soon the mind
Village idiot, he's complicated
Village idiot, simple mind
Village idiot, he does know something
But he's just not saying

Don't you know he's onto
With a mind that's satisfied, with a mind that's satisfied
That big ice cream cone in the sky floats right on by
The satisfied mind never needs more,
To set breeze on fire
By a constant wind
Beyond the mind
And there is no psychic eye for you
Every night is Saturday night

This isn't only
Come outside and see a brand new day
The troubles in your mind will blow away
It's easy to believe they're here to stay
But you won't find them
When I can't find words and wisdom in my life
And barriers abound
Should I feel blinded by the light
Knee deep up to my neck in heavy water
a dream, had nothing to lose

Ain’t it funny how time flies? Fades into gold
Now I wanna do a drive-by but I can’t find the road

Back to wonderland
that the sun don’t mind staying gone
Barely scraping by with the minimum can’t deprive my lungs of oxygen
I should take a breath

Carve in my name,
Hoping for another place in time
A simple complication
You're on my mind

Passed by you the other day
You were going the other way
I asked myself what else
mega blast is supplied by years of struggling and praying that society 
start crumbling
It's humbling when you describe your skills as pummeling
Missouri forget about your kin

Matilda it's too bad your baby's gone
But he's rested in his cradle by the river
Neath a simple grave of stone

Some people
Well, their ears are much stronger than their mouths
Simple words don't equal simple minds

When we ride the windows go down
When we ride