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zrog und es zieht mech is Grab (is Grab)
Wieder kei Rechnige zahlt
Aber ech gibe Gäld us als hätt ech kei Wahl (kei Wahl)
Ech wache uf ide Nacht ond
impacts the song
Crack the motor what you think you rappin for?
I used to be a mech soldier but I didn't respect orders
I had to step forward, tell them
destroyed? (No!)
I see a shark and it's Ninjago
Punch, kick, gimme nunchucks quick
Just me and my clique and our mechs look sick
(Well, okay) okay, okay
He disappears with sheers yelling "I'm going George Jeff"
Bathroom door sound like a part-mech barbershop quartet
Forced into war with itself
fekrou fik
wo lli fekrou fik
ma t'darch min amammak
ma tfouq min tareq

el haya mech sahla
ma t'khafchi mmin dalam
wo koul al asrar,
the impulses
(By the impulses)
Defense mech in effect, protect the rep
From all forms of public infliction
But listen I love the ripping, so fuck the friction
Oyeh Nakhre Mech Naa Aande Papiya Nar De
Pabb Chak De Oyeh Oyeh
Chak De Marak Naal Gabru O Put Sardara De
Ho Lon Kaliya Oyeh Oye
Kaliya Kanat Hath
I'm cheap to rent'
Call me the mech man
Voice synthesised
In a world of machines
Store the data and calculate
Speak and spell and operate
Min treu Trauzüg
Er hed mech verkopplet
Drucke jez uf d Tube
Ab id Flitterwuche
Pump das Volume
Pump, pump das Volume
Ech setze emmene Hippie-Bus
After adopting total rule
Full control of all world matter
All living, all mech, altogether
They will learn that I hate them

Never utter the word
the eye-net; a mech photo file detail
All those faceless, worthless wretches given faces, names, through ID tags

The second part of the file was new faces, new
Like A Juggernaut
When I Bust Out Ill Shots
That Five On To One Drop
Keep A Buster
With Their Hand On Their Chest
Be Sure To Move Aside
Mech 1 Be Buddha
Fresh Wes y'all, is on the mic mechanism

[Maestro Fresh Wes] (D.I.T.C.)
Fresh Wes is on the mic mech, trying to catch wreck
Check the way
I dänke för mech
Am Morge früehch im Stall
So allei is nid so toll
I bruch e Frou
Am Abe ir Beiz
Studier I was I sell
Bim Eckbank hockt die

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