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Yeah, ninety-six, for my Nordstrom Ave niggaz
My Fulton Street niggaz (hardcore for ninety-six)
Dangerous MC's..

Uhh (check it out) uhh
Project Pat, Koopsta Knicca,
The motherfucking Tear da Club up Thugs, GangstaBoo, Indo G, its on.
You motherfucking hooooooooooooooooooe!!!!
It's the bomb, baby 
The bomb, baby 
With no ifs, no ands, no buts, and no maybes 

[Verse 1] 
I walk through the projects with stress in my hands
to let it ride
My nigga it's whatever 
We can buck it out til ???


(Project Pat) 
Comin' like a duck a
You know I came for trouble
the bitch to EverGreen 
throw em in da bayou 
call my niggas 
D and Blue 
Project Pat y'all know what to do 
creep through the streets 
with them thangs