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(Come here, darling)
Vicious and mauling
(Blood dripping through the cracks)
I hear it calling
(Come here, darling)
Vicious and mauling
(Quit telling me
And my champagne stain as I yank your chain

I don't give a fuck if you're calling me
I don't give a fuck if you're mauling me
I don't give a fuck if
don't sweat off molly, sweat from mauling bodies
We like Rick and Morty, win like Ricky Bobby
Fuck what's on my body, imma be somebody
Run the ring like
Shadows on the window 
Rustling in the hedge 
Faces at the peephole 
Footsteps on the ledge

If you come calling 
He'll be mauling with intent to maim
I'm crawling lonliness mauling
Watching over me

I'm falling sirens calling
Everybody's watching me
I'm crawling lonliness mauling
Watching over
The lady and the tramp rabid and snarling,
Awkward lovers and charmers worth mauling
It's a match made in hell, cupid's squalling

Your scent's fascinating
I'm crawling lonliness mauling
Watching over me

I'm falling sirens calling
Everybody's watching me
I'm crawling lonliness mauling
Watching over
Vultures descending
Mauling their carrion, wiping out all its sins
Vultures ascending

Raise up our banner and make ready your weapon of choice
Their reign
of the torso 
Such sites are quite appalling 

Stupid humans for the mauling 
Us-kill them? 
Them-eat us 
Stupid humans for the carnage 

Battle Cry 
Today's a good day to die 
Fighting and clawing and biting and mauling 
And pray that we can hold the line 
Wounded and bleeding their
do some mauling
Count these bags up this not weed
I be with my fleet rolling deep
We be chillin' yeah headed to the suit
No receipt of what we paid
burning, straight through my body 
I am trying to cool us
Try to find us some space

Mauling, howling, cooling our bodies
Stopping this life burning you
Mauling christian scum
Drown your children in witchcraft inferno

Dive into moonlight dim in a vicious trance
Bath in the night and soar in the bloody dance
Tucked in the unavoi dable gravity
Shudders mauling the vessel
Facing the cyclopean obscenity

Sluggish mouth consuming
Abandon in hazardous fumes
Burst in
T see that brute mauling
Your soft delicate figure
That's the price you have to pay
Fraid there is no other way
This thing is gonna get bigger
peeking sneaking cheating sniffing sliding,
A running and hiding,
Creeping crawling feeling and mauling,
Fickle little tickles brains like pickles,
cheating sniffing sliding
A running and hiding
Creeping crawling feeling and mauling
Fickle little tickles brains like pickles
She slip she slides she
of arrested trees divide the street from the gutter
As the sunset shudders at the prospect or night
On the children malled in and mauling their brethren
Stripping the dripping that never can end
Manfully mauling the ham-crank that I bend
These are my words! This is the law!
Summon the power
the Mac I've been haulin em bricks and if he talk down I be mauling a prick

Holdup, bring that shit back
Hole is his chest cuz toting this strap
I felt a hat
Let's twirl like a feather in the atmosphere
Stocks stocks stocks
Corn and otherwise
Tigers got loose mauling brokers
Brokers with broken
A ruptured cause
Put your rest on pause
You're pulling tears down their cheeks
Lets put the dog to sleep!
It’s mauling the teats of the bitch that
and I'm Fallen
I'm a wolf, I started mauling 
Lyrics, beats, flow that I'm hauling 
While procrastination stays stalling
Stagnant never get better
While I
feeling sick so I be mauling at myself
Look it over, painted covered like a model on the shelf
You can suffer many longer but you opting out to hell

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