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call them cow 
Cousins kissing canvas now 

(So) Make like Pogo- get on down 
Make like Pogo - get on down 
Fratricide - Patricide - Matricide -
call them cow 
Cousins kissing canvas now 

(So) Make like Pogo- get on down 
Make like Pogo - get on down 
Fratricide - Patricide - Matricide -
matricide, I'm never satisfied
This must be matricide, I'm never satisfied
She's seen the world in the glow of radiation
Lived in exile on the mountains
Anorexia is in G flat
and F is anything I've left out
Dyslexia, kleptomania and vertigo
patricide A, matricide D the same schizos

Paranoia key of E
could be more?
And your dignity is rotten, what are you waiting for?

You genocide, matricide, want to deicide, go suicide!
Engrave your gave, live
matricide, fall from grace
Kings of self-defeat, we will be erased
Programmed obsolescence, too much waste
Overpopulation, overconsumption
Global warming,
she will decide
If this big space rock can still survive
How did we condone matricide?
Oh mother please take me
But don't let my birds die
Tonight is
Her mild gaze gone stern, fire in her eyes
Watching her dreams turn into dust
The beacon dropped, her hand raised up to strike
Cast them
For you
For me 

I watch me be this other thing and never know
If I'm marooned or where the purple people go
Then lily white matricide 
silk matricide
Watchful as she was upon Eden
Where every rose arbour and orchard she swept
hid the hissing of a serpent Libido
In an ancient tryst
on matricide
She loved us like a child
And we loved her back 
By spitting in her eye
Someone brought a piece of coal to parliament
They said it was the way to go
matricide ghettocide
A la medeline 

Al dir ban infarma 
Zot pa pou kapav evit zot karma
Pa pou gagn fer letan oken drama 
Apel sa  1 vre street karma
the juice dripping from the roots of a child's matricide
I am Groot
Aside from that is a tiny truth to magnify
Pain do much more than make us agonize
But part
of triangle...
The black hole in the web of substructures...

Penetration of Matricide inside the Temple
Through the portal of nonexistent vertex
And by the hand
the consequence of matricide
Come on, face your demise

Bury Hope, let Despair lead you to thy grave
Bury Hope, enter Hell, come inside!
(The warmth of Life shall
Holdin hands with shawty
That shit might as well be matricide
Her friend told me treat her good if you
Gonna be a parasite
I ain't make no promises
hours later, layin in the bed, kill that pussy like matricide
Leavin' in the mornin' with a good story, everything is true it ain't dramatized
Say your
the fight, simple as left or right
We want the same things, just said differently 
It's a bonafide geno-matricide
Mother Nature hopes chaos won't burn bright
Commanditaire du matricide
Formulant l'invocation
Proférant l'imprécation

Sa mort comme un présent
Furtif sauvage
Offert par un inconnu
Créateur de la
J'appel ça un matricide 
On s'barre d'ici 
Dès qu'on a la barque on signe 
J'crois que j'en ai marre d'ici
Quelques rimes sur un iPhone 
Et mes blessures se
You still believe, believe these fatal lies. 

Their machines, they kill for us. 
But if we refuse, if we remonstrate at last. 
They will go
A lack of common sense!

Their madness turned to matricide
Religious sort of cyanide
We salute your suicide:
Your kingdom crashes!

We are the flow,
I'm not your fucking dog
The feverish speech
The flesh is weak, contained by laws
They reek of domestic life
Parading for the Matricides
a new light ascends from the stars

The sadness and the pain
Matricide, the earth is now dead
Remember the brighter days
When hope and joy

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