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materialistic baby they just want the digits they just trying to get
Them bands hey them niggas turn up for a bag aye
Hoe you will never meet a nigga like me
[both]  Who rips shit, without bein materialistic
[Monch] Statistics show
[Poet]  Ask miss she know
[Apani] Just cause the niggaz got dough don't
Yeah, 9th Wonder! Don't judge me man
They tend to say that us rappers are materialistic
They say we lack substance
Me, 'Te and El' bout to prove
clouded with too many possessions
You think you rich but you depressing, you selfish
It's just so pathetic and materialistic
And all you do is flash your
You walk that walk, and talk that talk
But what about your love baby

Snakeskin, diamonds, materialistic things baby yeah
Really kinda got it going
to break

I know we're all so self obsessed, so materialistic, over-sexed
I know we're all so self assured, burn a hole right through this perfect world
to whore
Materialistic demeanour
Raped, degraded
Self loathing prevails

Whores of Babylon
By filth approved and faith rejected
Pre contrived  wars

propagated lore

power tripping for


tribalistic cause

materialistic whores

perpetuated gore

to hum along

I don't believe in your philosophy
Materialistic rivalry
So quietly, I refuse to hum along

I refuse

Sure thing, you got a groovy
that makes you buy a fake Rolex
To impress the next big butt big breast like it's a contest
Materialistic complex, I make you worship an Ac' or Lex'
Burn down to the ground everything I own 
Everything you need is temporary 
And everything you want is so petty 
Materialistic shit makes me sick
shine like lipstick 
So much material, but not materialistic 
Imperial styles I use 

When the mic is lifted the crowd is amused 
Come with it, if
so, materialistic
I'm just enjoyin' life, I'm livin' life, you know?
That worldwide pussy, yeah, worldwide pussy, yeah
Pull up at this girl crib bumpin'
of them

I am materialistic
I want all these things that I never had growing up
Things that I can get now that I got paper
Like her, I take her
I seen
Materialistic them bitches is kinda hypocritical though my nigga
Because we play the same games wit 'em
Guilty of it fuck it though
I'm lane
time for a nigga, put your mind on your mirror (Poo Pow!)
All you niggas that's materialistic
Don't fuck with'cha boy or become a statistic
Ice Cube
Looking for a man makes them opportunistic
They're lyin' on the beach perpetratin' a tan
So that a brother with the money can be their man

in the UK but just for one day
Whose to say I won't come back again
Materialistic I'm narcissistic,
My shoe game is mean it's so sadistic
I took
around and go, blind on a nigga
Do time for a nigga, put your mind on your mirror

All you niggaz that's materialistic
Don't fuck wit'cha boy or become
are sadistic, materialistic
Lookin' for a man makes them opportunistic
They're lyin' on a beach perpetrating a tan
So a brother with the money can be
increase my endurance
She ain't tell you materialistic girls attract me
She ain't tell you every time she leave, she coming back for me
She ain't tell you
ingredients 2 this dish
Goes like this, here's the list
Materialistic, greed and lust, jealousy, envious
Bread and dough, cheddar cheese,
flash and stash, cash
materialistic and unrealistic
And to most of them you're nothing but another statistic
Whoever's got the money, they're all on his
y'all can save it for David,
Attitudes are materialistic, positive or frankly realistic
Which is terribly old-fashioned, isn't it?
Or isn't it?

(DJ Culture) Dance with me

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