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Toro, brought him defeat and pain
And to his sorrow, the matador knew shame

They said time would never heal the many scars
Brought by the great, El Toro
Everybody holds their breath 
as he passes by the horns of death 
then the crowd gets on its feet
to roar for The Matador
With his Scarlet he
He sleeps
He can't see right from wrong

He thinks
He's strong
He thinks
He's number one

He killed the bull
more time

I fight on,
Fight on,
I'm the last matador of Bayonne
For tomorrow this place falls
Into silence

There's a path
Traveled by many
Let them pay
Nothing lost
Nothing gained

Here lies the warning for matador
Blood running the dirt floor
Won't bleed by
I tried to get you out of the sun. 
Then I tried to fight you off like a matador. 
Then I was bored. 
I tried to fly you back to the sun. 
Control was part of the fever
Together with such restraint

Matador graced by The Lord
Cheating death plunging the sword
Matador here to annul
is flying full

At half mast, for the matadors
Who turned their backs to please the crowd
And all fell before the bull

Red was
Ole ole ole ole ole ola
Fur den tod eines matadors
All songs written by Ralph Siegel & Bernd Meinunger
Hand me a towel I'm dirty dancing by myself
Gone off tabs of that acid
Form me a circle, watch my jagger
Might lose my jacket and hit a solo
Eating on an Adderall, wash it down with alcohol
Writing holy mackarel, actual all factual
Out for the capital, matador ya capsules
him sweet warrior
Pure magic matador 

Pancho Villa would never rest 
'Til 1925 he closed his eyes 
'Til Manilla stars would rise 

sweet warrior
Pure magic matador

Pancho Villa would never rest
'Til 1925 he closed his eyes
'Til Manila stars would rise

Gozo of the Philippines,
in his veins

He's just a muchacho who came there to watch, oh
The thrill of the crowd in his heart
The colors are flashing, the matador's dashing
like matadors and fattable actual LPs
Mirror the crimson tide
The color of the Rubics
Them duplex fuse got your nose up
But cozy up to this warmth
thy will be done
here on this highway
in every house and field I pray
all in meekness yield
aided by want
among stranger people
to disgrace so
Housing all your fears
Desensitized by T.V.

Overbearing advertising
God of consumers
And all your crooked pictures looking good
furtively by a remote tribe in the
Who passed the secret down from father to son as part of their oral tradition. he soon became a specialist, specializing in
Arena filled with screaming crowd
In ecstasy they cry
Paid money for a pleasant show
Want to see him die
The matador in shining dress
You're the matador and I'm the bull
You're the brass key hole I fit into
You're the wind and I'm the weathervane
You're the strawberry blonde
jumpin' and the fly girls are staren'
People under 40...Yo! Let's get down
Because they need more break and now it's sliced by Shay
The records out so don't
Esas cosas que te dije van a ser tu matador
Tenlo todo en orden la plata no va a parar
Recuerdate de mi why siempre vas a ganar

Tequila Sunrise, Ayayay
glass stinks with ash
In the broken windows
Remembered bodies
Fill the streets with novels
And the brave boys pass by
In brave pontoons
And mark graves
the eyes to guide us most when
We have no light to see throughout all our darkest days
And troubled ways

Met me at the door by the garden
Met me
A million ReFugees with unlimited warranties
Black Ceasar, dating top divas
Diplomatic legalese, no time for a Visa
They just begun, shoot them one by one