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masted because I'm scared to mask off
And I know that's not right
But I think I just might
Have the disease Cough Cough
Flag not masted, because y'all
were right behind me

Na na na na na
We are all masted up in this thing called life
Na na na na na
Will it ever be alright?

Broken people always
That precious week we spent as tourists in each other arms That precious week we 
spent with seagulls in the Watson Bay i write you in phosphorescent
Long distance relationship 
The seven masted sails 
Jealousy on the horizon
of my swisher right when I passed it to a bad bitch
Maybe she'll let me take home that ass, hit and casket it
Functional drunk and I masted it, fast
Funny, now you're leaking out your stomach acid
Sheesh, your team got the flag half-masted
Swiss cheese, I forgot how many times I blasted

Control me,
I'm like a sensay who just masted all the Carter's the master of all sensays man Fuck The others

Yeah it's on me
Yeah put it on me
If i fail you
were not masted
Quarterback cross pass to cat who could not catch
His, dream deferred like countin sheep with bald patches
Sallie Mae call back yeah that
Moving air becomes a current
And from that a mighty gale
Pushing trees both left and right
Like a masted ship at sail
A long way from the raging storm
Thieves and sweet things
All come this way
And anyone is welcome
Until the break of day

Don't be caught with
Your nightie masted
If you are
the three-masted barque Favell. The song invites the listener to a waltz with an old sailor who shares his wise words on how to live one's life. The lyrics are
Only name Table Rogers a share man am I
On a three-masted schooner from Twelingate Isle
I've been the world over North, South, East and West
kill me 
Your spieling 
Is my grief 
Please tell me 
Half-masted, bass-boosted, slingbacked, fully retractable 
Throw out the la-la by
"And it came to bloody pass in them days, that there went out articles from the half masted Caesar Augustus, blast his toplights, that all the world
Started drinking on the job
And the job became easy
Keep my hands upon the wheel
And eyes to the sea
Our two-masted yellow schooner

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