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young he played the drums, opened for artie shaw
Wanted to be a jazz legend and a superstar
But his dreams faded when they had little david
He secretly
God grant you one wish
To turn back the time...correct and create

Me and my star Matthew goodnight
You know by law when you'll be forgiven
Maria my
Ritz Candlei Cafe 
Hidin' the shadows from the stars. 
Or rockin' moonlight in your eyes 
Makin' magic at the movies at my own cheverolet 

The young stale memories of play the role to your part
Librarian find me the pole the one that kicks your head in
With my own time role your own
Yeah, yeah, yeah, these metaphors be raw
Take the shanks out of Shaw Redemption and hold it to your jaw
Climb aboard, jump out the ninety ninth
sometimes seems so deep
The guy who wrote Twelfth Night
Chews on my socks while I'm asleep
I'm really quite impressed
I own the cat who wrote MacBeth
But if
on dropped off in the jungles
Teared Khakis, red bandana wrapped around your knuckles
Me and my brother used to dip down in 'Shaw
Stopped at the Weiner
You won't have a name
When you ride the big airplane
All they will call you
Will be deportee

My father's own father
He waded that river
They took all
sleep for a couple minutes more

I said I'm sorry to maria for all the cold hearted things that I 

have done

I said I'm sorry by now at least once
To pay all their money to wade back again 

Goodbye to my Juan, goodbye, Rosalita, 
Adios mis amigos, Jesus y Maria, 
You won't have your names when
Well my best friends down in Mexico
I wonder how he’s doing
I wonder if he knows 
That I spent the night in a cheap motel by the side
To get respect, like that y'all
Yeah, I'm rollin' by kind of high in a
Candy Shaw, got connects with the mob
Bill's payed up front, Black
what the hell we gonna do Santa Maria S.M.V.P scooped up jay bird ray ray and the C.U.Z I got my cuzzin buzzen in the back chronic smoke hot box full