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And make you assume a series of marginally erotic poses involving... a plastic chair and... an old guitar strap while I... did a wee-wee in your hair and...
Every time we hit the streets it's like a world premier
She makes me feel like Sia swinging from that chandelier
Went from marginally famous to the top
marginally better than the boss, boss, boss
Neverland, Neverland 

Even when he's telling you that black is white
Just some fancy dancing you can stop
it's very nearly green but I think it's marginally picture ahead)
And my oh my we tire
But were gonna survive
Only way a prescription for free

Enhancing marginally
Regretting everything
The strings are really choking me
Pharmaceuticals profiting

One more day
Oh i've been slippin' 
Means marginally more than me masking my misery 

So let's go trippin' 
To a foreign land 
Anywhere where people do
marginally less fatter

Alright everybody in the audience who is over a hundred pounds stand up, let's do a wave!

Say I, I
You, you
Me, me
Like that food,
cost, cost
Thinking about the childhood that he lost, lost, lost
You know he couldn't even give a toss, toss, toss
At least he marginally better than
To all of you who think that my lifestyle does not affect the environment
Or the poverty
Well, maybe not more than marginally anyway
Good for you!
And you
orders 2 waters with lemon
And once again I find myself bobbing my head to a mediocre song
When I notice 2 marginally attractive girls parking it next

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