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It's a manipulative age
It's a manipulative age
It's a manipulative age
It's a manipulative age
I know
You would
Text back
You should
No matter what
Manipulative and a bastard 
Deceiving me just like a master 
Confusing me like I'm a blaster
Uhh, answers

Manipulative and a bastard 
Deceiving me
Bitch is a criminal

That's the last time I'll get fucked up by you
I've been thinking about it thinking about it nah
Ah figured bitch is the manipulative
Manipulative psychopath
Talk all you want about people
Behind their back
I guarantee one thing
You will never last
Fuck you
This is what’s coming
There's no escaping this empty feeling 
Buried beneath me is nothing worth seeing

You only need me when you want your fix
Manipulative and I always
my head
Invading my thoughts, like that night in your bed when you said
That there won't be an end
But you're Liar
Manipulative cheater
a manipulative bitch to be so mean
You tried to stoke the flames
Put the gas into the light
Wanted to wear me down
Honey who gave you the right
To say that it's my
Saying that you're mine
You know that's a lie
It was just
For one night
And then I said goodbye
You're suffocative
I can't stand you
what I call manipulative, yeah
You read my page, read my texts read my thumb
Thinking I don't notice anything
What, am I dumb?
Be my best friend but we
manipulative, devious and sinning
I do all that I can to get you in the palm of my hand
Baby, what's pathetic is the tactics used to tame this man

One minute you
remember when we were young
That bond that can't be undone
These days pass, lives change
But Left abandoned I remain

P.S. you manipulative fuck
You lie,
The one where you change every line
You make me wanna scream
My ears are bleeding

You'll never blame yourself for this
Manipulative aphorist
hate too

It's not a simple one
You said you fucked with me so that the breakup wouldn't hurt so hard, man
Fuck that manipulative shit, that's some
I blamed myself for everything, you manipulative bitch
God I swear, I'm okay, even though I know I'm not
When I love someone, I give them everything
the seams
Heal with your lies so you can make her like you please

Stop it
You're just a dream-consuming evil manipulative little fuck
You just play
The B is a manipulative creature 
Always absent when they're wanted
Always present when they're not
The B is selfish it can't think of others
all over
No disguise it's automatic
I take note
I take note
I take note
I take note
Manipulative Behaviour
I take note
I take note
Your words come barraging, assault my mind
Yeah assault my mind
Chewing at my resolve, the seed of doubt
Planted seed of doubt
Manipulative smile,
I didn't listen
You had a reputation, yeah
You stayed manipulative
Fixing all my issues, I don't overcomplicate it
I don't need it, I don't need it,
Ah ah, aah
Ah ah, aah
Language barriers could explain a fallout
But it doesn't make sense cause we speak the same one
Is it the worst feeling
I in the wrong
Or are you just manipulative
We were both messed up
But you're convinced it's all my fault
Are you in the wrong
Or am I just
to hear my mouth like this
Never seem committed to your best side
I only seem to fall when you inside me
Manipulative words that I let ride
'Cause you make
in the dirt, it'll only hurt me a bit
You don't get a say in this, your eyes manipulative
Play games with me, idolize me, antagonize me to death
Feel the power of your voice
Protest everything that poisons your life
Don't let anyone else make your choice
Protest all manipulative laws

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