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Well the golden rose sailed with a broken man goin' south
Got on board with a woman to lead him 'round by the mouth

And it's goodbye golden rose
quicker then getting off with a glass of kill Kenny
If anything, Jimmy’s a man of the millennium
No two men can better him, not even
Lenny and Carl
By Jimmy Driftwood

Along about eighteen and twenty-five
I left Tennessee very much alive
I never would have got through the Arkansas mud
If I hadn't
I'm a gypsy man on a one-night stand
Am I fit to be loved by you
I'm with a gypsy van, 
Just travelling the land
They'll be leaving in
Time to giddy-up doo wah diddy-up
San Francisco San Francisco
Her lover's arms were open wide
Where the gates of golden
Waits with charms
The shooting company of Captain Frans B. Cocq

My uniform shines the livery of a high-born man
The Claw-guild signs immortalized by the master's hand
another man spills

Saint Stephen will remain
All he lost he shall regain
Seashore washed by the suds and foam
Been here so long, he's got to callin'
Cause even man with huge muscles clam
Slugs didn't move at a snail pace
When he sparked it
Your dog died then was found hog tied
Behind a flea market
diamonds and though the strings were old
Like Kings of Sound they wound around six keys of solid gold
A man stepped up beside me his breath was strong with
golden spirochete? 
I'm oversee communication lines
One-weight prophets 
Signals ingested with conversion charts
Young but not invisible lovers all
in my arms--I never fucked with the smack
Or the crack; only vice was the trees and the 'gnac
Until my man Jimmy got me onto Jack; throw it back
Receiving their strict orders from the station just behind

Running into Hampton, the engineer was there
George Allen was his name, with curling golden
bombs, and word to mom, I'ma blow his arms 

Six shot rhyme, my forty-four is made by ? arms 

I put some diss in the steps, and damage all your reps
machine man
I've got two arms and two eyes,
Guess this is what we lost sight of
Swallowed it with no reply.
Will what this world's made of me
Swallowed into the jaws of collapse
The abyss awaits with open arms
Concealing this nature of revenge

Unsettling moment of perversion
Creating this path
[Grim man's tale:]
[I:] A flaming blade of the dark shadows struck the lands
With furious lightning it fell into the hands of man
And the ancient
Words and music by jimmy nail

Walking on cobble stone, little bits of skin and bone
Jumping on the tram car for a ride
I can remember then, I was
even gotta rap now life is made
Said I ain't even gotta rap, I'm filthy man

I'm laughin straight to the bank with this 
(Ha, ha ha ha ha
Yo, I block the bronze, the Kid Golden Arms
I tear by shorty, with the Iron Palm of Dragon Breath
Burn through your body, you see about
A head Gotti,
the golden glow
The hearthstone fire all lined with coal

I said, I'm gonna change my ways

Couples were dancing by the jukebox light
Cops were out front
to Red Alert
Aiyyo, back up from the ropes, so no one gets hurt
It's the MC with the golden charm
Dustin rappers off with the golden arm
This style deals
Mustache is a symbol of repression and of hate Never trust a man with a butt
Broom on his face It's the facial marking of the man who holds you down
Well, like to explain to you all before,
I ain't no drinkin' man
I tried it once and it got me highly irregular
And I swore I'd never do it again
Even though we all thugs
Don't judge us by our action, but judge us by our heart
The wicked, spies upon the righteous
God blesses the man
should see me swing the jimmy
Don't get me started
I'm golden era, '88 baby highly regarded
I get stupid, dookie, doo-doo, def, dumb, retarded

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