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far back, boy shottas, man, he had the 6 pack
And I'm back with the tribe on a quest to go harder
So hard, you gon' think I'm all 3 Carters
the lambs
To my man Jazzy Jay, silence the lambs
To my partner Diamond D, silence the lambs
To my man Fat Joe, silence the lambs

Now who's stepping
done came and left
I'm by myself, with your traces 
And my yard you know it's hard, mentally-scarred
Brain-barred little cousin Joe, I done seen
records, they hustlin'

Okay now Khaled told me kill 'em, he just told me kill 'em
Hundred for the Beamer, Kudos for the dealer
Murder, bet I wrote it, Kudos
wit tools & shyt really quick to shoot a bytch
Bucking through the crowd, ? boys bitch that's who I'm wit
I dot fuck around wit the fuck I don't
behavin like they are too good
There lived a little boy that was misled
By another little boy and this is what he said
Check it "Me and you kid we gonna
homies a Whether be	
Fred Dogg S P double E D why cause that's my type of guy 
DeWalt Evans and BigJ Ski into the muthafuckin job done by my boy Joe be
who can't rhyme
I spark spliffs 'cause I don't stagger when I'm high
But when I'm drunk I do, punk I do not acknowledge wackness
I gotcha grandma
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sweated props cause like my pops they couldn't hold me
Until he found shorty's got it going on, rolling on
Who told? Damn, bendecion..
The Bland man, and my