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the clouds the clocks in the tower
Well life brought the surface, protect what's within
Same from the winds and the foreign power

Man broke the surface
don't need you 
Lies they won't surface 
Your mind it wanders on over 
Someone take on my mind 
I'm losin' you in time 
Maybe that man he's
can do
in the future
On the surface
You see the more
in another mans eye
But you can't see
the beam in your own eye
If you aim high,
you've got to chase
Loneliness it shadows me, quicker than darkness 
Crawls to the surface of my skin, visibly surrounded by it 
Black is all I feel, so this is how it
Ideas from the bottom of the ocean
Refracted by the different densities
Mr. Fisherman don't catch a full load
He just keeps floating on the surface
The big wheel keeps on turning
On a simple line day by day
The earth spins on its axis
One man struggle while another relaxes

There's a hole in my
The big wheel keeps on turning
On a simple line day by day
The earth spins on its axis
One man struggle while another relaxes

There's a hole in
As things start to surface 
Tears come on down 
Scars of childhood 
In a small town 

Hurt she pushed inward 
Starting to show 
Now she'll do
High speed progress
Step by step into a trap
Moment insignificant
No way to penetrate the spotlight surface
So stay outside close to your private
I am merely debris 
Scattered along the ground 

A man in a cage
An explosion without a sound

We bet on our lives and we bet on the horses
In that upstairs apartment
On Orlando and 4th
And the rent was due and the rent man was knocking
planed to step upon the culture of enigma
Egyptian heritage rise in the surface of nowadays
A land dressed in its divine tranquility
Now stigmatized by
Promised cures for every man
Snake oil and circuses
You can get to heaven, yes you can
So judge the books by their surfaces

Someone's taking
Amberlights in Amsterdam
Slowed me down in no man's land
Chasing dreams and dodging tramps
Playing the cosmopolitan
Driven by your fantasies
I was born by a river
Rolling past a town
Given no direction
Just told to keep my head down
As I took my position
A man fired a gun
I was so
morals only run as deep as the surface

Cool, groovy, morning, fine
Tipper Gore was a friend of mine
I love a free country
The Stars and Stripes
Don't dig your own grave
There is a life to save
I'm loosing my control
I am a righteous man
I only kill by hand
Save your own soul

Underneath the surface 
He's bound to be back for more
Keep your eye on the trigger man
His hands are shaky, 
Trying to find the score
Well, I
and labor for
And crack the surface of what I intend to be
Not for you
You're too hard to please

How do I meet your impossible needs?
How can
wants a man, the lady wants a man

I'll give you what you need
Not what you think you want material things
If by some strange coincidence
That what you
the frontal

All your present fears.
I hope to never be caught again by the visions too clear.
Erase it.
Deface it.
Conceal it.

Just take it for
A greasy surface like a tour de wrecking and wracking and roll

Come try the withering high five
Lean forward lyrical drive by
This is definitely not the first video to surface of an execution of men
They claimed responsibility for the executions
Described as severely
I got something for you, man
Go for a ride

Bombarded by philosophies that satisfy the surface
I flee to something deeper
At the risk of seeking
us back

I've a friend who lives out by the rivers mouth
He knows the fiddles cry is an old sound
A lonesome creeks and moans of empty houses