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A prophet in the wind...
A vision like a mirage,
Rises from a man
Swallowed by the sand. 

Into the shadows
Of the legend
You became.
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"I have a dream" the man stated
A shadow dream that he chased to his grave
Just because a dream is lurking in the shadows
Doesn't mean that
And again and again and again

Come to me, come to me feel my passion
Come fulfill my fantasy
Come and be my phantom lover
Be my man of mystery
I walk the 
Streets of darkness 
Where hell awaits 
Guarded by the mystery 
Just beyond the gates 
Searching for the answer 
Every man must
My heart is full of energy
Cured by holy mystery
I?e got the might to trace all evil
In every shadow it hides
Balance of power my aim has come
Was God Incarnate and man deified

That is the mystery
More than you can see
Give up on your pondering
And fall down on your knees

for your right when the time get's tough?
Plague and hunger and burning rain
Too many good men blown away by the mystery wind
The mystery wind
the evening's thin

You're a beautiful
A beautiful fucked up man
You're setting up your
Razor wire shrine

'Cause you're working
Building a mystery
Dancing ever changing desert sand
I was burned by the touch of her hand
The setting of the sun scares me to death
I'm a shadow
You're setting up your
Razor wire shrine

'Cause you're working
Building a mystery
Holding on and holding it in
Yeah you're working
oh oh oh)
Yeah, what a mystery

And day by day we'll chip away
All the things that don't belong,
Every shadow, every wrong,
Until we find deep
the other side of light

And when he passes
He casts shades of mystery black
Flowing like molasses
It's only Jack of Shadows on his way back
To the kindom
Today is none of our concern 
That rewarding cigarette 
That burns slowly by the bed 
Fills the room with mystery 
The apple ripens on the tree
He's on the loose
Umm, here he comes
No hope for you, ooh
Snake charmer, we'll haunt you

So, hey mystery man
What's your plan
I've got
The moon is borned by a evening red
It rise with heart of Satan
The nightside creatures
Hidden in the shadow of the moon

It's like the dead arise
And you may not understand, it's a mystery to me
Love a lady a lifetime, you still might not see
There's no use in trying, you won't have any say
A man has
kiss your little doll
When the darkness leaves the night
We cannot see The Light no more
No more
We are always in the shadows by your door
But when
darkness sits quietly

Moved by desire and fear
He takes a few steps away

Lifting shadows
Off a Dream once broken
She can turn a drop of water
My love's behind you colored by the snow
The shine is gone

I used to know what made you wet
Now I'm searching for it
'Cause it's a mystery all
The mystery of you and me, night and day
The mystery of you and me, strange to say
I'll live a thousand lives for you
Each one right by your side, I do
to walk like a man

By our Lady Of The Roses
We lived in the shadow of the elms
I remember ma draggin' me and my sister up the street to the church
candles in hopes that we'll see
Glimpses of Him in this mystery
That we'll leave shadows and move toward the flame
And we move closer we'll see His face
something much bigger then mere mortal man
That can make someone special for you

And you may no understand it's a mystery to me
Love a lady a lifetime

These are things you can't reveal

We are part of some strange plan
Why the slaughter of the brotherhood of man
Infernal sacrifice of hell
For he promises to come running, guided by the truth

But the Shadow Man is really you
Look in his eyes and see your reflection