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It was supposed to be so easy...

Just take back the DVD
Withdraw that extra money
Tell mum I wouldn't be back for tea
Then grab my savings
On the car ride home with you
Don't know how long it's gonna take to feel okay
But I know I had the best day with you today

I have an excellent father
taking me home
Talking about all of the women I supposedly boned
She crazy, you know what it is 
You give them an inch & they be taking the p**s
liar! You fake! I will not sacrifice the way I live, it's all for something more. I don't believe you. I don't believe a word that you say because I know
Thank you God for all my setbacks
'Cause he the reason I'm able to give back
This feel like my Sunday morning jetpack
Feel like I sent the prayers
you had a rag
Yeah she knows her pops but I'm the one she calls dad
Straight swerving in the whip passing blunts taking drags
Watching DVD's in
The little girls just broken Queen, confusing bling for soul
Danger, there's danger when you take off your clothes, all your dreams go down
I was just trying to make it with Steve Stoute
The legal way, drug-free route
Back in the days, they was sleeping on us
Brooklyn keep on taking it
sponsored by Manolo
She got Zeppi Notos ready for some photos
Yeah and I'm cold bitch, please try to keep the door closed
Lanvin thousand dollar tee with
no, the hood was strugglin'
But then I blessed them with that polo
Niggas was making music and then my first solo
Collo Drolo sponsored by Manolo
through these eyes.
For every living day I know, it takes more to get me by.
As the candle burns I've learned one thing:
To live you life but say a prayer
to beg me to take her away
But I was too young and livin' was fun
I didn't know how time would change me
Life slid by me too fast, the fun didn't last
a celebrity overnight)

Girl I see you, in them apple bottom jeans
Chinchilla on your back, I wanna know your name
Girl I'm Twista, I could blow your brains
get you on cd's, and DVD's
Take you to BB's, and PCBG
I can get you in the places, to be into
The people to know or show you things, sticker than to
Fuck with mine, spat not take the blame 
Play it for keeps, we came to win 

YO, I'm the Jerry Rice to this, much too nice to quit 
And just so you
I felt like I was spinning
Didn't know what was up from down
I tried to fix what I had broken
It was scattered all around

It seems that every
Shit, it ain't go hold me back, I gotta go all out to get mine
A tech nine might come in handy for the next time
I'm frustrated, chumps are making
little body design 
On her back yeah 
That booty got your boy hypnotized 

Oh yeah

She knows just how to put it on, but man oh man when she take it
soul tonight
May I never fade away
And I've decided I can wait
For the requiem
We take it  day by day
‘Cause that's the English way.
I saw
Can we have a one night stand
Every girl wanna take me home
Most these girls I would have never known
I don't have to try
Before you know it hands
a light buzz that slowly progressed into a full blown fade
I was trying to get laid, but, got no action
It was back to the crib for personal satisfaction
behaving like De Niro
Tricky's performing taking his phono
Making a stand with a tan touch it like cocoa
Smooth to keep you moving at the back now
Free is
I just take it easy it's a Sunday morn'

So you come on light my fire and
Together we'll grow forever watch my eight kay rig go

Because my eight
I am fueled by all forms of failure 
I paid the price 
So, I'll take what's mine

Bet ya didn't see that one comin' 
'Cause I do as I please
I woke up yawnin'
And it's another Sunday mornin'
Mom's cooking on the stove
And you know where I'm goin' back to the park
Know we gonna stay

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