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Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace
Where there's hatred, let me sow love
And where there is injury, pardon
And where there is doubt, then
With a bear and a snake and a panda, I'm on thou
Who can we stand, the more power of game
And make it possible for me to drop 
A few to wrecks ya
got kicked in the ass by the man with the eyes of glass
Slide from me you money kicking the dull crap
I'll make your skull snap, seeing me all at
On a giant piece of dirt
Spinning in the universe

I can hear your cry out there
And I can feel you close to me

One day at a time
Inch by
I make up time, I do, I'm the time

You can call yourself daddy
But you're no father of mine

Yes, I saw you yesterday
You didn't frighten me
of what's inside for all the world to see
A demonstration of our love so come praise the Lord with me

Can you wave one hand and say praise the Lord
Reverend Bill Funderburk sings "He Cared That Much For Me"
Charles Surratt introduces his own composition "On Calvary For Me"
"The Joy of Knowing
This is the business
Prepare to take witness
To the type of ish that we on, we on
By the time that you get there
We already been there
We done
up by the hands

Hey baby make me wet
I'll tie you to your bed
I'll whip your body, make you sweat
I'll whip your body, make you sweat
I'll whip
to make us smile
Yeah, ain't no doubt about it baby
Like no others
You and me
A silly man
Take my heart and use it
I want to give you
I want to love
When I gets lyrical ou-ou like Cool Cee used to do

I make the kids wanna Rah
Like Afu shouts to Mecca 'cause the planet's mad
Digable allow me
With a word she can get what she came for 
All together now, with a word she can get what she came for 

Ooh and it makes me wonder 
(How does
Sitting in the boardroom
The I'm-so-bored room
Listening to the suits
Talk about their world
They can make straight lines
Out of almost anything
All Instruments: Barry O'Hare
Arrangement: Barry O'Hare, Delroy Collins

Contains portions of "Harper Valley P.T.A.", byt Tom T. Hall
Published by
But here I go again

Wreckless weekends, weekends
Led by my heart, not my head
Tearing this whole world apart
Bringing me down when it starts

And if
And thinking about what you said to me,
'you're tipsy, you're turning, you are alive, you are burning.'
And I will not judge you by the way you play your
of chrisis if it
Crosses over to the land of radiogiants 
Founded by po-pyus and pontious pilots
I make ?garbious? my habit to stab it until it's had it
That'll be sufficient, Smithers

Excuse me?
I said that's enough
Oh, sorry sir
Thought I had my mojo working

That man by the cooler
Drinking water, as if
on my own thing, yes Moses
I don't part the sea I fly the jet across the ocean
Yeah, God's the one that wrote this
I'm just an instrument so make sure
the distant?
The throbbing and breathing of life's machinery!

wanion its oh so damndest soul!
With the devil-instrument it we shall reap,
After the banquet
Tailgate Trombone Bob

Words & Music by Erika Paul
From the cd entitled, "Scat's My Bag"

What's that big belled instrument?
That sounds like
Public display of affection
(Gotta make 'em)
Pointing in that direction
(Watch me, watch me)
Public display of affection
Makes them wish they had it
Animal or mineral or something in between The organic machine 

Hold up, let me just make this comment 
We be universal like Haley's Comet 
From our
Wide of the mark
Deep as the amazon

I must impress on them
This opportunity
It'll be too late
By the time they put me on tv
I feel sharp
I feel
write without me,
Just another sad song to me.
And every song you write without me,
Sound like who I'll never be.

She picked up her instrument