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In a dark wintry Tokyo
In the mahjong parlor, he waits
Severed past running through his hands
Glory comes to the one who waits

In the hallways,
with Mrs Wong and we playing Mahjong
Lockdown days got me sitting daily
Super serious song
Super serious song
Super serious song
Super serious song
Dan ga ik meer designer kopen
Ik heb smaak net als een tong
Naar de hype kijk ik niet om
Loop niet mee zoals derest
Ay water in de stroom
Je word
Tulog tulog na o Sonny boy
Ang iyong mommy ay nag ma-mahjong
Tulog na aking anak
Nang ikaw ay lumakas

At paglaki mo'y mangangarap
Ang puso mo sa
A dragon’s head painted in Gold
A sword of jade lies in woods of old tales
A silver shark
Jumps over waves
A mountain said to be home of lost
It deceives my eye socket
It makes me immature
But I know there's a cure
Just gotta stay strong
Enjoy life, play some Mahjong
Talk to your close
This fit I'm rockin' is really expensive
Boy, you can't be me
I see no resemblance
Learned all your moves, now you harbor resentment
Left wrist Mahjong
Two thousand years of male society,
Mah-jong ridden land of the rising sun.
History shows that they're good for nothing,
Time has come for female-up
an unlit scene

Sleep dust on your eyelids
Mahjong tiles flicker serene
Play the four winds in dim lit bars
Aqualung feels heavy

Don't you go without me
mahjong, craps or blackjack
Either way, I'll get my money back
I'll show you sleight of hand
Shove your face into the sand
I will take everything you've got
the body and I can't control it
Kids had a toys I played Mahjong
15 I jumped over the fence and never spotted by patrol
My decision was to pop Petroleum's,
where I belong
Finish the verse first finish the song
You coming at me like I'm in the wrong
But it's a long game we playing mahjong
We playing monopoly
a game of Ping Pong
Or way to complicated like a match of Mahjong
But wait
I need to quit, I lost the beat
They say you're a lost cause accept defeat
did hit the bong
Im a underground rockstar
I prolly won't live long
Yea life is a game but it's like Mahjong

I was chasing pipe dreams thinking bout
Mano, o Gio me passa o refeng,
Baseado lá de Hong Kong,

Dragon verde tipo Shenlong,
Tira a mão do Gudang,
Quebra peça tipo Mahjong,
Meu nome também não é
boring than Mahjong
Up and at 'em, more inactive than argon
A lunatic, due to which you slashed at your Armstrong
Neil, remain calm, physical harm is
and mahjong 
Always rootin for the unsung 
Trip twice upon the same rung 
Put your body in my dim sum 

Old ones 
Wise words never full of 
Melon got me so
a mission
Neil Armstrong, playing E.T. in Mahjong
Went and bought a sawed off
And fucking blew his top off
By the time you get it I’ll be out of this bitch
a redbone
Stacking up chips
Call it mahjong
Never spend on a bitch
I’m code strong
Fuck knocking at the door
the bell.. ding-dong
Just to tell you I’m
put you in an arm bar
Call me Lance Armstrong
Cause I go real long like I’m in a marathon
Don't play games mahjong
I just wrote this fucking song

J'ai dû me sauver, sans te le dire
Ni t'en parler, j'ai dû m'enfuir

Dans les tripots mah-jong
Ton père me fatigue à
that you try dividing my shine, whoa
Whatever I'm on
Stack bars like mahjong
Until my chips match it and that's when I get my sigh on
Relief for
grandma in mahjong and shag her like Scooby
Word to the Buddha, I'm savage like the Yakuza
I get to chopping off fingers if anyone touch my moolah
My goons
pistachios or contribute fellatios
Pussy hitting streak looking like DiMaggio's
Fresh boutonniere, Mr. City of the Rose
Game changer, play Mahjong with dominos

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