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(Olivia Newton-John)

Do you feel the way I do
Tell me now oh tell me now
I need to know that it's true
Oh do you feel the way I do
I need to know
(Olivia Newton-John)

There you were in my dream
Flying high just for me
Oh Pegasus oh Pegasus
White and strong soft and warm
You've been in my mind
(Olivia Newton-john/John Capek)

As a young girl I came here by the sea
To a new home for my family
It welcome us with open arms
A chance to live my
(Olivia Newton-John)

I need to tell the truth
I can't lie anymore
I need to do what's right
I know that's what my life is for
I can't be quiet
(Olivia Newton-John)

Oh don't ask why me, why me why not me
Why not me is the thing
Don't ask why me, life's running by me
Live each moment that it
God all mighty, Olivia Newton John got married, Sally Field got married, Jamie-Lee Curtis got married, it was like last call at a singles bar.
me laugh
Y'all, you need to sing my song
With your similar features like Olivia Newton-John
Damn, ho! I make the whole place warm, then
hit you