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Attract some bitches for some sweets
Take them in my van then I plan my attack
Then i make their souls all maggoty
I kill them my wanders absently
for supper
Cod fish in the spring of the year,
Fried in maggoty butter


I don't want your maggoty fish
They're no good for winter
Well I can buy

Scrape the wallboards the whole damn batch 
Catch the maggoty eggs before they hatch 
Pepper and ratbone make damn sure 
Shake the rubbish
they'll be dressing
Something kind of maggoty
Rolling with the froperty
May not want to include
And a pendulum
Tiktok on the clock
Pimple pop
Maggoty pig lips
Human shit
And guts
Sipping piss
And such
Is a shocksite
As I end my life
happily after
I can be merrily, marry me, carry me
Care for me, when we close the chapter

I can be tragedy, maggoty, faggoty
factor me in when we ghost
the dimension X galaxy maggoty
Wolverine watching... there is no gravity
Revenge driving, 3 hammers riding
The speak + vicodin started colliding
The misery is
Stale, maggoty bread
Sweet as a callgirl
Hammer and bell
Herons on ice, biscuit surprise
Trippin' on spun glass
Distant and Vile
And I wanna die
and life
Will consume thy foul soul
When I arrive

Rimes of false faith will not save you
Time to go, face your God!
In this world only maggoty flesh
He tucked me up-tight-shrewd-don't give a fuck,
The Maggot,
Took all my money,
Now he's in the glc think he's really funny.

Billy Webb
Maggoty boy,
Extracting rancid fats
Used as sauce for raw guts
Decrepit dinner is served
I'm hungry for maggoty flesh

Festered offals garnished with gall
If you want her to stay you best keep her away
Telltale Kitchen
Telltale Kitchen
If you are what you eat
I?m maggoty meat
Telltale Kitchen

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