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that while rollin in a ride at the same time
Listen to the bassline
By T.C.
And my nigga named Black see
Poem like d-o-p-e
Sayin fresh rhymes for the RBL
" because you're curious
Of the rap style, not heard by the usual
You bite you get damaged, but my brothers stay mutual

[parrish smith]
While I'm
were wrote on the scent 
it's so sacred created by Lucifer slaves
Silent, secluded in secret somewhere in the swamp 
in the land of protest a man-day
When I was on the couch
My nigga walked in 
He said that hoe was stout
I hit it from the back
My nigga took her mouth

By love real my nig
a mack dad, in the trunk of my ride I got weapons Id'a never had.
And I just start gunnin em down,
a blast in the car, now everybody's runnin' around,
Sacramento loc  all the way to Fresno nigga 
It's Ager Man  Lunasicc  an Killa Tay 
Top dolla bitch. We get paid hoe 

Uh  prepare to bow down
[Chorus: x6]
Back to the grill again, the grill again 

[MC Serch]
You need a posse the size of the Nazis to attack this
And you're more
Mack to the freaks that's on the road.
Sometimes i wonder 
When i was blowed on the streets. 
Anybody want to step to me,
I'ma see how rough they be.
On the 3rd planet east of Plutonia
From the poppy an extraction
Called Criddacktonite
Conceived as a weapon backed by the Supremacy