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an iron glove
I change my be
I wouldn't be a machine

Incarnation, of a further level n fear
A gracious lefe betrayed by an energetic stream
And never travel by car, a bus
Boat or by rail

And don't travel by plane
And don't travel at all
Built a bomb shelter basement
With titanium walls

And wear
nuh chat to man pon phone straight up to the max
Yuh have fax machine so is only by fax
Di way how yuh a boom everthing soon callapse

bus packed) 

Black Elvis  recordin in the 48 track studio 

Madison Square Garden soundcheck  to speak direct 

Fans in the upper level
by the government supported
Court ordered, good lawyer? I can't afford it
Sound distorted, I don't be where the wealthy be
So they got a cell for me
To subatomic particles, strong enough to stop a bull 
Bodies slam, to oxygen, drop a mule 
Urinating rocket fuel, freestylin over gospel tunes 
Rhymes by
machine before it stop 
Goin' all out, have to seal these motherfuckers fate 
On a mission from Cleveland, ridin' it from outta state 
So ready yourself
Passed through the absence of parentally hands
To develop an evident level of benevolence
So it's probably better I sold my sold to the devil
This is
And niggas don't be trippin don't be doin no drive-bys
Cause we don't gangbang, don't wear blue or red
We like that fuckin green, papers what I said