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a sign hung up above your door
'No visitors allowed in rooms, By law!'

Everybody's halo shines [Repeat: x3]
In God's Hotel.
Everybody's halo lookin'
going slow
My ol' Bronco

I flipped it over up on Arnot Hill
Turned it back over and fixed the grill
You know where I been by that old oil spot
Most times

Otis empties out the trunk
On the steps of that celebrated dump
Sleazing by the sea
Bow down to her royal travesty
In her ballrooms heads
(ay) [5x]


all that tuff talk ya just wastin ya breath
hit ya ass with them things have ya chasin ya breath
you got loose lips..ya
A place afar in distant dreams
Mystic winds blow
Men mount birds of prey to war
And raid each others shore
Wizards and Warlocks battle by night
know that every landmark 
Triggers memories
Of stupid places and silly things
That were meaningless before
We'd seen them together (repeat 3x)
tough. You always give him the shaft!

(Heh, he's had three months to try!)

Get it fuckin' right this time, stupid ass (lamer?)

Chorus (x 6):
It's all in
me pull your file -- stop shammin! 

[Chorus: x3]
"Stop, hold-up, pause, wait" 
"Stop, hold-up, pause, wait" 
Stop shammin! 

Stop, hold-up,
kill ya, I'll chop ya up
Put ya inside the mattress like drug money nigga

Yeah, I done told you niggaz 9 or 10 times stop fuckin' with me
I done
And in last place by ten lengths I believe it is, yes,
It is Feitlebaum.
Around the turn,
Heading for home,
It's Stu Chan and Dog Bisquit and Girdle in
you're buyin' is a fifth wheel
They gotcha by the ying yang
More dollar for the big bang

And when you have to have it
Somehow you always find away,
This the type of jam that be getting no airplay 
You asked for it buddy, here it comes 

One two, watch out for the man in blue 
Three four, I keep
kill ya, I'll chop ya up
Put ya inside the mattress like drug money nigga

Yeah, I done told you niggas
9 or 10 times stop fucking with me
I done
held by the Jet L-I
I'm the one, thus meaning no one must try
No two, no three, no four, know why?
Because one's four-five might blow yo' high
shinin that's fo sho/bitch I'm clean that's all I know and I'm ridin in the drop real slow/bitch I'm clean that's all I know when I pass by watch they
our happiness.

[Repeat: x3]
No that wasn't our happiness
No that wasn't.

[Repeat: x3]
Goddess come and lift us
Here in deepest Louisiana.
we've cause to lament
For we slaved away four years of our lives and earned about three pounds ten
came before me? Melle Mel, Ice T
King T, KRS and the homie Chuck D
P.E, DMC, nigga know your history
If Cube ain't top 3, then you's a bitch to me
You know my name and my game and what I'm here to do 
Party people, lemme see if you can dance to-- 

Break it down! x3 
Yo Bob,
Then Mr. B.S. beat his gums
And testified to me,
"Joe's washing the short,
Changing da oil
He'll be here by three." 

So the little hand hits
Get up, wake up, open your eyes
Take up, Puerto Rican judo class (Puerto Rican Judo)x3
That's, the only alternative that, you have to pass
Is migraines, the x-rated though remains
We relaxing, and you nagging me for the agony
To your anatomy, by the fractions
Your measurements,
flossin in my heavy chevy/
(Verse 1)
I feel like an old Seven tray impala/
Wit no doors and no windows/
Wit no oil/no g*d dam**d water/
Been riding
down desperate avenues, sing a song, sing a song of sweet joy

[Repeat: x3]
Such a sweet joy
Such a sweet joy

Did the sisters' ever tell you
back too late
The runabout was idling behind the gate

Mr. Mercury, his dials and his springs,
Set out for Mr. Quick (U.S. patent No. 353480723x0894)