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you can't escape
Hear my tales of the macabre
Your f****** souls shall be raped
A few are willing to do my killing
A mindless,zombie race
Laced with
But did it truly die?

Siphoning of the blood
Plunging my hands in rot
Macabre desire, death
Macabre desire, death

Feeding this ghoulish urge
They are in my head...

Spasm and cerebral tortures
Inspired to macabre illusions
Wisdom versus madness such a mental inquisition
This is the art
Freaks and lepers step right up 
Circus of macabre 
All the devils are rockin' hard 

Silver mountain of razor blades 
The masses ascend
What for
Sicknesses are rising from the underground
One man's massacre for one's entertainment
Some may put their ratings
Symphonie de l'horreur
Orchestrée par la peur
Frénésie de la danse
Au rythme de la transe

Accordez moi ma chère cette marche macabre
now pandemonium
Displaced in the muggy sods
Espoused with the macabre
The dead we filch and rob

Munificant bale
From the deviants staid
Cannibals- return to kill
Meet your death- sawed in two
Body parts- strewn about
Cut off legs- severed heads

Rotting flesh- macabre death
We're paying golden dry that under best to make escort in style
May seem macabre but it's beautiful
(But it's beautiful, but it's beautiful, but it's
The end

Can you hear the macabre silence?
Can you smell the putrefied flesh?
Can you taste the vomit in your mouth?
Can you see the inexorable
Hoping for a rainbow that may never come,
Shadows which you can't feel.

Macabre apparition, like a flight of dead swans,
Unable to see the forest for
Caressing the sacred ground
Where the deadened corpses lie

A sepulchural misty night
With a whiff of the Macabre
Silently watching the stones
of green substance
Dead or alive
Bodies and souls are waiting for the contact with these macabre tools
They are only creations made alive
the old coffin spirit
Master and slave on my own land
Well hidden behind the pute stars
Fluttering in distant unknown zones
Macabre dance with the diastric
and every single day her
little life falls apart

she's out to look
so macabre and alone
she's close to hook
on her dying

just like a gothic girl
walk in our midst
Fortune has made her our macabre bliss

A body preserved in chloroform 
Trapped inside the gates of Hell
Her body travels in human form
Vampire underground in the cult of the cobra snakes in her hair she looks so macabre with her cobweb Stare sneer on her face like the Mona Lisa holes in her
Mean and infectious
The evil prophets rise
Dance of the macabre
As witches streak the sky

Decadent worship of
Black magic and sorcery
In the womb
Mean and infectious
The evil Prophets rise
Dance of the Macabre
As witches Streak the sky
Decadent worship of
Black Magic sorcery
Mean and infectious
The evil Prophets rise
Dance of the Macabre
As witches Streak the sky
Decadent worship of
Black Magic sorcery
In the womb
the abscene of the holy spirit
Bow before the Horned Ones arise
No earth for you to inherit
Peace and lights earthly demise

Ghoulish Macabre Blasphemy
Beholder of natural fear
Monsterous faceless beings
Crawl in the ancient pit
Macabre putrescence creations are
Mortifying maliciously
Perpetual diabolical
Dans le châtaeau
Qu'on aperçoit sur la montagne
Tellement macabre
À tel point que il semble un bagne

Le baron joue aux cartes et boit sec
can't find, better kneel and prey
Sacrifice of blood, macabre human feast
Faces in the mud, slayed by the beast
Worshipping the dark, playing with

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