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nigga, still chanky as fuck
Fresh out, so fuck the world nigga
This is MAAD Circle to the fullest, everybody killa
Takin it back to the days of drum loops
The good kid, m.A.A.d. city

Mass hallucination baby
Ill education baby
Want to reconnect with your elations
This is your station baby

All I see is
don't give a fuck about you or your crew

(I'm down with the MAAD ass you know who)

Brothers of the mother MAAD Circle
I'm down with
huh, my nigga?"
"This m.A.A.d city I run, my nigga"

Brace yourself, I'll take you on a trip down memory lane
This is not a rap on how I'm slingin
of hogs 
40 Thevz, MAAD Circle, Cat, and Crowbar 

Best to put your daughter 
Wack ass rappers get tossed up 
Trying to come in here with that garbage
skip throw it up throw it up give it up or get rolled up
Swole up thought I told ya 'bout this Maad Circle Soldier
Allstars locs pieces khakis
When it come up I let you bring me down
So I stick to the boots and I'm down with a MAAD group
Of gangstas and hoodlums,but you can call em 'scroops'
I don't say a word coz he know that I do
I'm down with the MAAD ass you know Hoo!
I take a numer and a seat
I'm sweating from the heat
Somebody got
the Lench Mob 
He gaffled for his meals (McDonald's is my spot) 
Ayo Jay Dee, kick some shit for the Maad Circle, G 

If you don't work, you don't eat,
the MAAD Circle in the house dis evenin
Get down, and ya don't quit
        Yeah yeah, that's it damn nigga, rock this shit, rock it
Aight, check one one,
(Burning our black skin)

Who's that janky-ass nigga with last?
Standing like a G pissing on America's flag
Dub C, the nigga from Westside
Westide Maad
Lyte and Maad Phunk, we flamin' on
And took a vacation, some of them came and gone
When I push beef it's like flaming y'all
Tender as I serve these loose
Dear Elle, he's a lucky guy,
I'm like gonna cry, I got tears comin' out of my nose!
Maad props! He's the campus catch,
You're a perfect match,
seekin' hustler paradise 
Where you from, what's your name, motherfucker what you sayin? 
Dub see still claimin' that Maad Circle gang and 
Smokin' dank
Naughty and Fat Joe are down with us
The MAAD Circle are down with us
Def Squad, is down with us
?DN's and Mike M? are down with us
Dr. Dre you know

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