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From me to you
Four minutes and counting
From me to you and back again
Back with interest

M.A.D. M.A.D.
M.A.D. M.A.D.

I'll see your one
And raise
a love doctor
I need a love M.D.

I've been sick ya'll
I've been sick ya'll

I need a prescription
Just right for me
A lot
it in open chords.

Intro g d f#m g x 2

G d f#m d g d f#m d
Oh black honey's in my soul, oh black honey's in my soul
F#m d f#m d
Never been no poor
Deliver the letter the sooner the better
The upside down stamp meant the kisses were wetter
I.S.Y.I.M.D., I'll see you in my dreams, honey

Je m'souviens d'un adieu
Qui a duré dix jours,
Le retour sur le lieu
De notre nuit d'amour.
Je m'souviens d'un pardon
Que tu m'as refusé,

My life is totally boring without you around
These days,
Pre>intro d bm d bm d bm

A f#m bm e a f#m bm e
Every story told me, is wasted on my ears
A f#m bm e a f#m bm e
Ah someone else's therapy, well
No more pain, I'm almost there
I'm a cellophane pioneer

I'm ridin' hard I'm takin' off
You look so pretty when you are near

The doctor told me I'm D-F-A

I've got the fever, I'm D-F-A
There is no cure, I'm D-F-A

Down for anything
Down for anything
Down for anything
Down for
Oh I must see that Lady, I have to know

Gypsy Woman let me inside
Solo: M.D.
They say you know the Secret, Secret of
So gaze into your
D a e
When I pretend to touch you, you pretend to feel

F#m d e a d e
Passion is no ordinary word, passion is no ordinary word
F#m d c#m d
[Originally performed by O.M.D.]

If Joan of Arc had a heart,
would she give it as a gift
To such as me who longs to see,
how a legend oughta be
heard at the door
F#m D E
Or is it six white horses coming down the road

Verse 2:
E F#m A E
Come here and touch me and say that it's alright
F#m A E
right away

B-P is ninety over twelve
Respiration's at eight
Okay, I'm tubing him

D-M-C, this is medic forty-one

Medic forty-one, this is D-M
D. M. S. O.
Crypto Wonder Drug
In vogue
Some people say
It cures arthritis
Maybe that's why
It keeps getting banned
It's absorbed
I'm(D) prayin' for a [G]rain in Cali[D]fornia
    So the grapes will grow and I can drink more [A7}wine
But I'm [D]sittin' in a [G]honky in
that's all right
The M.D. tells me
My heart's on strike
Emanating originating from a love asphyxiation
He said I better slow down before you drive me
I was feelin' so bad
I asked my family doctor just what I had
I said, Doctor - Doctor - Mr. M.D. - Doctor
Now can you tell me what's ailin' me -
M: ...You should...)
You should have heard the things she said,
You know she hurt my feelings deep.
I'm gonna buy me a dog
Un jour tu nais, un jour tu meurs
Entre les deux, tu m'dois d'l'oseille

Ceci est une production exclusive et exceptionnelle
Du label 7eme Magnitude
Livin' in, everyday combat
Day to day, commuter riot
Shot down, dancing in the D-M-Z
Walk on, streets on fire
Caged in, with razor wire
in my devotion
D a d
They can shoot hot knives a' down the line
A g
I just slam it down every time

Chorus 1

F#m g d
I got the telephone jammed in my
I Need You To Want Me
Don Williams
Album: Flatlands

I don't need a fortune teller
I don't need me no M.D.
I don't need some slick suit that's passed
that's all right
The M.D. tells me
My heart's on strike
Emanating originating from a love asphyxiation
He said I better slow down before you drive me
Doctor, help me please
Doctor Rockter, you know I need you
Doctor please, my M.D., fix me in my time of need
But, can ya see the fire that's in my eyes

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