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talk that shit someplace else 
Lyrics you pick are all simple 
And all like swift to come out your face like a dam pimple 
But just so you can't follow
I'm not a rapper, I'm a singer with a flow
I've got a habit of spitting
Quicker lyrics you know
You found me ripping the writtens
the lyric with unlimited stance
Words seem to zing on down to Beijing
When we touch down you crown renowned kings

There's no honor amongst thieves
of reciting lyrics
Stayin' calm, but then droppin' my bombs

With my voltrons, protons and my atoms
Boom! An explosion, I'm speakin' very complicated

Write some fresh lyrics or you're through 

[Chorus X3 with background scratching] 

["First serve basis" scracthed to fad]
when I'm making hits with premier and
Rolling to a spot near you, lyrics tear through
Chrome to your dome you better watch your rear view
Niggaz been
'cause I'ma bomb ya 
With Off The Wall lyrics that hype you up and calm ya 
Damn! 'cause there's ladies up there smooth 
Pass the 40 to me man, you know
they're actin like juveniles
They're goin a mile, man, they need to calm down
Speakin my theory as the crowd get near me
Yo, turn up the mic so they can
down the line
Here we go one time
Prepare yourself for MC terror
And don't make the error of tryin to come near a
rapper so smooth and swift with
still calm and humble 
You need another helpin hand to swing on 
I stand alone, but still you gotta bring on 
Your Batman and Robin, Cagney and Lacey
thought I was slanging
All the beamers were cashing out
You wanna sniff some
Get my dick soft by your own bitch
And a Taylor Swift song when they get
Malik, the Drunken Dragon, I'll burn your ass if you're lyrics are sagging
'cause your rhymes are shitty, y'all move quick and niggaz say did-he
Do what I

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