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like (These tracks are laced with bomb weed and tight lyrics) 
You want to know what the hos used to do 
When me and my crew came bustin through 
hear it
Grit my teeth when I write my lyrics
You jump, I attack like a animal
No pity, no show at your funeral
Punk, your rap's illiterate
talk that shit someplace else 
Lyrics you pick are all simple 
And all like swift to come out your face like a dam pimple 
But just so you can't follow
Yeah, I'm manufacturin the sickest metaphor
Lyrics you're not ready for
Hear it, I keep a steady score
Of suckers and muthafuckas who like to suffer
And listen to the lyrics and you'll never go wrong
Asalaam alaikum, brothers I'ma take 'em
straight through the path that I'm makin'
And co-exist in bliss
Cause I drop the lyrics on you 
From beneath the Earth's surface 
Where I write rhymes so fresh 
I try to bite my own verses 
love Taylor Swift
Tell that bitch I'm hella swift
Hustling everyday
With my twin and Juicy J

Real hustlers don't sleep, we take a nap
Majorhits wie Taylor Swift
Deine Ravorclique ist gay as shit wie'n Kay-One-Schiss
Weedsmoke, Detox, zieh' von der G-Shocks, Streetboss
Kokainrocks in den

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