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Yeah, I'm giving it over

Music by Peter Furler and Steve Taylor / Lyrics by Steve Taylor
©©2002 Dawn Treader Music (admin. by EMI Christian Music
I'm swift, blaze em quick, my hits, major shit

I flip phrases quick, my sick razor shit
Give thick grazes quick and chicks say he's Cris
It's not
love Taylor Swift
Tell that bitch I'm hella swift
Hustling everyday
With my twin and Juicy J

Real hustlers don't sleep, we take a nap
thought I was slanging
All the beamers were cashing out
You wanna sniff some
Get my dick soft by your own bitch
And a Taylor Swift song when they get
Alkaholiks got the beats that'll make ya say, (daaam) 
Alkaholiks got the freaks that'll make ya say, (daaam) 
Alkaholiks got the rhymes that'll
It's that nigga who's so swift I could lose a compass
Step into jams, with seven niggas in a Land
And forty motherfuckers in some fucked up caravan
is just an excuse
Even the level of the devil or exorcist
Can't get next to this
This is mayhem, so competition, say when
You're thinkin' that
you need 
If ya niggas got the chickens, I got the bird seed 
I'm here to make ya bleed with the lyrics of tomorrow 
With the Cisco, the Hennesey,
to hear more then just follow 
If you like the smooth chanted lyrics then just say "Bo bo bo!" 

There was a time that a man could go 
If it wasn't for me, you woulda been DEAD in that building
You don't know what it feel like to say I own that building
Get dough in that building,
the top, expert timin'
On top of that now, the whole things rhymin'
No more tights, now jeans saggin'
If I say so myself, I'm much more handsome

Yo yo, I'm about to kick this party up, is that alright?

Yo, Yo, MC Ice on a Syndicate Rhyme spree
You say you wanna be down, you gotta talk
the Atlantic ocean 
As I flow in slow motion 
And I be cooking you suckers like tan lotion 
The K-double-O-L, G-R-A-P, and P-O-L-O 
Would like to say hello
you can't stop guessing 
Who's the best MC upon the MIC, SWIFT 
Executed lyrics by me, will leave you violated 
Make your body get the shiversq, eyes
to hear more then just follow 
If you like the smooth chanted lyrics then just say "Bo bo bo!" 

There was a time that a man could go 
I only came to have some fun but I get caught up in the rapture
I don't even write lyrics no more, I manufacture
Cold shit, you know that old gold
to the bass go boom
Explosions, overpowerin'
Over the competition I'm towerin'
Wrecking shop when I write these lyrics
That'll make you call the cops
Don't you
The ripper will not allow 
You to get with Mr. Swift or Rift, 
Listen to my gears shift 
I'm blasting, I'm blasting 
Kinda like shaft, so you can say I'm
can flow then you can ask E-Swift
If you don't believe Swift then you can call Steve Griff
If you don't believe Griff then step up to fuck with I
and pajamas on
She smoke chronic, know the lyrics to all my songs
It's like I died and went to heaven, me and all my dogs
That's why we sip champagne till
is swift when I'm attackin'

People say
Love is just a energy
Dealing with the claim baby
(Oh baby)
me alone I'm in the zone 
Walkin the streets on my own, nigga get blown 
Some niggas say that nigga Where is gone 
But I'm low in the cut and gotta
to diss
They say I'm bad so you'll find none worst than this
Chewing motherfuckers up like a Hershey Kiss
Put to sleep, ripping the lyrics I'm leaving

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