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Don't let the past get you down
Hear the words in the song
I got the pride of the lyrics
I don't care
Trust myself, go my way
Don't you
I wanna shield you from this harsh mad reality. 
Its real lyrics.

Stay with me, don't fall asleep too soon. 
The angels can wait, for
them bitches
Lyrics stay tight like a virgin in white
If I was handicapped I'd still be determined to write
Fuck around with the Shogun that's holdin'
the lyrics
And stay buzz wordy while your shits on clearance

You phonier than Cinemax porn and bein' torn
Between bein' a label whore
appreciated life's crazy man listen to the lyrics

Stay with me don't fall asleep to soon the angels can wait for a moment
(they can wait for
Never been a surfer but I'd like to try, 
Cross with a lyric like this, stay in time, 

No damn beat is too hard too ride, 
Never been messy
Twelve years down and I'm finally free, crack!

If you want to, we can supply you
Got enough work, to feed the whole town
They won't

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