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Now all of a sudden their names getting mentioned
In the same sentence as mine by the critics
What has this world come to
Man better control Z

Now I know you're mine, now I know you're mine
Now I know you're mine, now I know you're mine
You've got to...
can't even hold palm in their hands
Pull up in that bassline snatch you up with these hits
Tie you up with my lyrics
Now you're abducted by this shit
a real quick peek
And then I seen these fake MC's who wanted to beef eight deep
Last week at the mall when they got dissed from the lyrics
Now they out for
Can you see?
I'm with you now...

Lyrics submitted by Karunga
Through verbal ecstacy wrapped in emotional chains
Expressin myself to my maximum potential
Dope as lyrics now that's a crucial essential
Flowin' with this
the content of lyrics, now only the sound
Of sex, dope and murder in a song is allowed
Tell 'em ?Niggas ain't shit? every move that they make
And that black is
Right About Now Lyrics
Its that new Kweli, 
I'm gonna give it to you before the bootleggers get hold of it
I figured I'd put it out first
I never want a jheri curl up under my hat
The woman in my bed has got to be strictly black
I never want money if my lyrics are wack
So I must, roc,
but some people 
Tend to joke about this 
But it's really dead spirits 
You can bet my lyrics 
Now ya wonder why that we 
Done stopped and got
out the Food and Drug Adminstration was a scam
Now we steam vegetables, brown, forget the white rice
My life is all I have, studying zeitgeist
that and I was left alone
Let me kick you this lyric
Gather round now hear about the Flintstones
Fred and Barn' and all the rest of the Flintstones
there, you gotta fear it
What they hate about? Yeah
The gangsta hittin' explicit lyrics...

[Female voice]
Now, Pooh, that's very interestin' point
to Cali, we flipped this
Broad day, Chef'll saute, his lyrics is crispy
Now I got Dre up in the kitchen, Rae stuck in position
Bout to flame broil his
niggas actin up in the hood, send mo' troops
Why should I lie, when I can dramatize?
Niggas fell victim to my lyrics, now traumatized
Simply by spittin
when I can dramatize?
Niggaz fell victim to my lyrics, now traumatized
Simply by spittin' I've been blessed given riches
Enemies suspicious 'cause I'm
Southside rocks for the people first Lyrics

Jump â?? don't you quit
let me see you sweat come on now Lyric
jump â?? don't you quit
just how
the writing type
I had books and books full of lyrics
But now it's just me and the mic
I talk to it like with a psychiatrist
I'm from the roads where
fools act retarder
In '98, lyrics just disregarded
Now how hard it be yo to really concentrate
Writin metaphors, wack shit I annihilate
Now fools
auspicious to ya by a nigga named paul
Now lyrics come from who watches over us all
Lucifer, the light barrier
Lucifer, the sun of morning
Is it he who bares

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