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to match this 

Yes, you are now rockin, you are now rockin 

You are now rockin with the best 


Verse Three: Tash, E-Swift 

Niggaz think
This is mega mega breakdown, 
So give me the crown 
So I can flip as a lyrics needs ad lib 
I shootin' with the gift 
Lift like a twelve gauge

It's 5 O'clock
I'm comin' home, I'm runnin' home to relieve the tension
Tic Toc
Boy I need you like hearts and lyrics need a beat
Makes no sense at all
Who needs lyrics anyway (You!)

How in the hell do we get ourselves in these situations? [Repeat: x8]

Man y'all play too much
Now now Percival, don't fret
We're here to help you [laughs]
I told you to bring good songs... what are you gonna do now
The walk's by faith
The lone wolf dies
How am I gonna follow you
With blue man ears
And snow blind eyes?

Music by Peter Furler / Lyrics by Steve Taylor
of thought that I would rock your set 
And get love and respect without no special effects 
Only the rugged ruff shit that the hard rock need 
Lyrics must
Swift to call you a traitor
'Cause you're swift to love Taylor
Now we got bad blood with our neighbor

Who's wrong, who's right
Every Sunday we're
The more you pull, the higher we go

Really babe, you fucking with a vibe right now
I usually keep it pushing
I don't ever stick around
I move so swift
love Taylor Swift
Tell that bitch I'm hella swift
Hustling everyday
With my twin and Juicy J

Real hustlers don't sleep, we take a nap
thought I was slanging
All the beamers were cashing out
You wanna sniff some
Get my dick soft by your own bitch
And a Taylor Swift song when they get
a sailor and say, "Screw you Taylor Swift"
"Screw you Taylor Swift"

And if you come and go, it won't matter anymore, it won't matter anymore, no no
I'm only wearin' black
And my homies are wylin'
We all love Taylor Swift
I'm eatin' with pilots, they callin' me the chef
I'm saucin' it up
Make you strip, got my dick harder than the unzipped
Tyler Swift-ly slips his dick inside of Taylor Swift's
Slit, Round trip in that pussy, here comes
service announcement
Brought to you by joey bunz
Tha manager for jluke
Tha wait is over 
He here now 
Are you ready?
Get em jluke 

Im here now
Tell my
Hannah Montana, she was always happy
You only fronted on Mariah 'cause Mariah don't carry
Tried to disrespect Taylor 'cause Taylor wasn't Swift enough
, you'll feel like it's only one you
Now you got the power to do anything you want to
Until you ask yourself, "Is this what it's all come to?"
You didn't put a hundred on it then you can't hit it
Me and my nigga Wiz will smoke an ounce in one sitting
Yeah it's the Planes and the Taylor Gang
I'm not the E, you wanna make a bet?
Remember this: Lounge, you in the danger zone
I figured you would, now leave me alone
You pick and you wish
I'm not the E, you wanna make a bet?
Remember this: Lounge, you in the danger zone
I figured you would, now leave me alone
You pick and you wish
Verbal smarts, spark the word, visit my scripture
Exotic wine, holding nine, Picasso pictures
When the rhyme pivot you now, limit your chance
Enough for Pamela Anderson Lee
My Katy Perry ain't afraid to carry
That shit you sniff, Taylor Swift
Niggas talk yet it remains a myth
I never seen it,
Next to Taylor Swift, and that Iggy ho, you about to really blow
Kelly, they'll be putting your name
Next to Ja, next to Benzino, die, motherfucker

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