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I spit a 16 bar, hot like tar
Soon be a star, get very far
Never gonna go away, permanent scar
Trust me this lyric is no joke lyric
When I draw my
and never dyin'
The lyrics I recite, I say with power
So step aside or get devoured
I won't say I'm sorry cause I don't want glory
Gonna stimulate this
Watch the crowd burst from lyrics that I say 
To make the brothers get ill, and by the way Dukes 
If that's your girl in the corner stay up on her
hand to another
And that's a hint, my brother, run for cover
'Cause I'm armed, my brain contains a bomb
As if I escaped from Vietnam
Some people
need me, man, I don't need you, at all
You need me

'Cause with the lyrics I'll be aiming it right
I won't stop till my name's in light
At Stadium
the mind, I be flowin em holy, I'm 
Kickin the funky Islam, my lyricals slippin em like petroleum, slowly I'm
Pumpin the flow of the lyric, I'm breakin em off
featuring Nas 


Spit at the world 

My lyrics  I could spit at your girl 

Spit when I hurl  spit on the Dutch and finish
and the music now, Slim
I hope you hear it we are in a car right now
Wait, here comes my favorite lyric
I'm the bad guy who makes fun of people that die
need me, man, I don't need you, at all
You need me

'Cause with the lyrics I'll be aiming it right
I won't stop till my name's in light
At Stadium
I'm living life as a gamble
Living in the rotten apple, yo where every corner is rotten
To all my niggas rest in peace, see you gone but not forgotten
mics and push niggas to the left 
So fast their hearts end up on the right side of their chests 
My hypothesis, is that nobody can see this 
like we're slanging dimes
It's magical, how the track is so classical
The cats who got gassed up in their sweats like Plaxico
I'm back from my
left to my devices, time gets suspended
More than DMX's driver's license
My music's steady, not affected by the higher prices
People having sex in
To the black with a fat rap with a fat sack
With a little bit a funk in my napsack
Take it back to the brother land
And I was smotherin' stupid idiots like
at the glow, act like you know 
Left the lonely lonely through lyrics loose in me 
Leave the lowlife left lingerin' lost like
Anything you can imagine done
lines so I mess up my hands
Left in the states, still under your state
I wanna go states, but think that I'm banned
Because I get paid, the same
them crooked police booking my dough
Looking for dough
(What you got?)
Nothing but beer, plus I got these fucking lyrics I wrote
You mean them niggaz
any tune making trunks get to burning up
Man I Starting writing lyrics at 11 with a dream I'm a find my purpose, huh?
Tryna come up with a feeling
And once I get on I'm a put on, on my people
React mix to lyrics like macs I hit your dome up
When I roll up, don't be caught sleepin'
Cause I'm creepin'
plan and a brand new
way to attack the wack cut 'em down to size
to realize LL's back
Don't sleep I'm too sweet to repeat a beat
a lyric or rhyme I
ass before I serve in my people
Like libo, I know now how to hook up with the pure dope lyrics
I ain't out here so they pick us
I put up my money, I
only my lyric was left
My Tung Twista is def first, let me take a deep breath
Flowin the lyrical magic of mine I be moppin and sweepin
And breakin em up
Lyrics: winn
Music: winn


I could hear the church bells from the ocean.
I could hear angels sing to me.
And in the midst when I break down
And when the smoke clears you'll be left with one in your dome
13 years in the projects, my mentality is what, kid
You talk a good one but you don't want

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