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The Hitter Lyrics

I was just a hitter
On the top of the mountain
No one told me the truth
They lift you to the top
And then they kick you
want to mess up
Lyrics baby it'd be cool if we could see
'cause baby (baby) you got (you got) the fires that I remedy

It's too hot
You don't have
This Is The End
(Print the Lyrics)

I think I need a change a chance to get away
But you will never let me go
And anything you want you always get
Shut up
I'm so sick of them deadlines
I cannot stand why them maniacs are in them headlines
And even though I don't' know ya

Through my lyrics
nobody gon' do shurrr

Redman is shurrr, it's the principality

Oven like wurrrm for the lyrics I burrrn

Nigga wait your turrrn, we can battle in a second
Thanks to for these lyrics.
 I'll pack up all my things and walk away,
 I don't want to hear another word you have to say
Thanks to for correcting these lyrics.
I've seen that chapter in your eyes
It will tear us apart
Something I don't understand
you're so damn evil
I don't care at all assuming that it's mother nature's fault
It's funny how a part of me ceases to be
I waited all summer just to see
Loving the Enemy Lyrics

Can I rely on the things that mean less to me
Can you deny this hurt you have placed on me
When I try to understand this
than Elisha
That backslap the ass like your father
Why bother?
Would any care for, lyrics I sling from my mic with cease your laughter
Mind of a bachelor
Song lyrics 
Well I'm waking up again
Waking up to all of your sorrow
Your eyes possessing me
Everywhere I turn, they follow
Turn away, cause
you staring at
I see you got beats, but where is the lyrics at?
NF is the logo, you know I been wearing that
Don't come to my show and be sittin' in
I don't trust people enough beyond they surface, world
I don't love people enough to put my faith in man
I put my faith in these lyrics hoping I
paid for the 1990's
I don't care who likes me or who stands behind me
The man to peep off a week so don't sleep
>From shades to streets I still go one
heart this very day and I pray 
That every lyric I spit will penetrate the very depths of your soul 
And I'm gonna let the whole world know 
He can
some of these bitches try to act unfair (why?)
Maybe its because my hair is longer than theirs
But I don't give a fuck, no I don't care

Because I'm
[Music: Axel Rudi Pell]
[Lyrics: Charlie Huhn]

I surrender, feel the pain,
I hope our lovin's not in vain,
I'm just a prisoner, not to blame,
to be gettin

I got too timid to bust those garbage ass lyrics
I could tell by the way you kick it, you don't live it
Everything that could rhyme was
in a car park grinning
It's gone midnight an I'm half past sinning
Got a dark heart wicked with my ras clart lyrics
I'm a bad boy you don't wanna
pathetic... and my pencil scratches,

Meanwhile X is comin' from Miami
Another perfect deal was made in open cars.
I don't care 'cause I'm much too busy,
I'm wishing you the best
I keep 'bout half my lyrics and I throw out the rest
'Cause fly on by, you can if you want to
The method that makes sense is
faked out.
Third base, I'm getting take out
And I'd try to take it home if I knew I'd take it out
But I just don't know I said I just don't care I said
up on this demo
Set the record straight

[ VERSE 1: MC Eiht ]
As I commence with the def dope strategy
Of the lyrics I'm bustin, suckers tend to get
what I ams that's all what I ams
My lyrics are never done
I'm the big John Elmer Glue the Elmer the Fudd
Al Bundy the Bud Light stud
Come like

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