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tried to tell 'em
I just hope pretty soon that somebody smell 'em
My lyrics get deeper and deeper
Mack 10, twelve gauge, Tec-9 plus a Street Sweeper
On the black plain 
Trynna get backpay

Sell sweet 10p 
Every new Hussle 
Be another part of me 

Trynna speak lyrics
But I'm tryin not to preach
Generic crunk rap

Club promoter, lars you're on in ten minutes you ready?
Mc lars, I guess but... I still got to write some lyrics
I must be blind or you lyin and I can see fine
Its your lyrical death day the reaper is adjacent
Your best lyrics get subdued nigga who was you ? RIP
want child support
Get it out your ass bitch

Young rappers lookin' for pocket change
With boo boo lyrics
Go get your diaper changed
from New York was the ones peoples was putting on
As for me I thought its Nas
An emcee with lyrics that could get in that ass
White boy dropped
with the rhythm
I get so in depth wit the lyrics
I get so in the cut wit incisions
I got so indecisive wit decisions
I get so problematic wit the visions
[Chorus: Shazstar rp2x]
gotta stack ya paper
chop em' like a razor!
if you gon'grind or if
you gonna pull papers!yeah

[Lil' Flip]
I'm a southside
I'm the calm
And I'm not the bomb
And if you want to listen
To these wack ass lyrics
Go get them shits from Flash
You want at
Man, there ain't
It's jay Obé now I'm wilding with the clique 
Got this money on my body like I really hit a lick 
I use ten for the money like I'm boutta cop a dime
They say you ain't in no beef
Why you tote that fire
For the first n***a think it's sweet
His a** gone die
Might back hand
That lil bitty b****h
featuring see-Murder, Mia X, Mac and Snoop Dogg 

(Big Ed) 


Nigga make some room, nigga back up, back up 

No limit soldiers
'cause I got K's and I'm a put yo ass in check
You like a pussy cat comin' up in the wood
Try'na survive in my motherfuckin' hood

Chorus: {Bridge/Lil' Ya
Não chamo nem de tendência
O que tu já cria é plágio
Que eu nem chamo de tendência (x2)

É só questão de time
Tô na tua timeline
Eles pegam minha
myself in it
High time I flipped twitter to 2go, end this savagery
Say na talent you wey whore around
Before it's agreed you the next Albani Darego
(Nique and Jus)
What the deal this Lil'Nique the microphone master
Yea this is DJ Jus the king from queens na mean you feel me
We bout to hit you
the best of the best
Y'all giving diamond just for pride month to Lil Nas X
Ain't a diss but I resist to let some rider surpass
Someone who started from
fifteen with the burner out of prison
Gangster - fuck that, I'm (GangStarr)
Tell Nas (hip-hop's dead) now, my man's gone
As I rise to the top, knee-deep
Be Doctor! 
Let's welcome em to the Vault baby 
Do it big nigga! 
Do it big nigga! 
Do it big nigga! 
Stupid ass nigga 

[Chorus: x2]
I smoke
yo swole bank rolls done turned to lil ol anarxins
get ready to pay the price ??? pee-wee no catchin
Who got change fo this brand new hundred?
Lil Nas X
I'm switching it up, leave you feeling perplexed
I swear I do not have a pooping complex
I'm covered in green and I'm hot like wasabi
on a trampoline 
Lil'-lil' n***a you could stay hating
Everywhere I go it's looking like a vacation
But, n***a that's my crib, it's a staycation
Got ya bitch with
a gold at the podium
Different they call me plutonium
Nobody na fe know no Kranium
Opp nigga turned from best friend
Money magneto like x men
Nat trynna be
featuring see-Murder, Mia X, Mac and Snoop Dogg 

(Big Ed) 


Nigga make some room, nigga back up, back up 

No limit soldiers

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