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laughter, cause the one that I'm after
is smashed, for that reason you have to
make sure each and every lyric is harmless
Cause if not, you won't be able
Southside rocks for the people first Lyrics

Jump â?? don't you quit
let me see you sweat come on now Lyric
jump â?? don't you quit
just how
aint knowing
One for the money and two for the show, One for the money and two for the show 

What u talking bout aint got love for me man
Its all ight
no bling, don't hate, that's my thing
I've got new clothes, old clothes, vintage, tremendous, endless style
Goodwill loves me Mackle-more than you
and never soupy
Booty-ass lyrics don't strive in my camp
Niggas keep poppin that weak but I can't
I keep a low pro and this Rube ain't a soloist
I ain't a new
Heath Ledger type of questions like, "why so serious?"
And you want watered down lyrics? 
Well I don't carry 'em
I dig holes for these tracks, and then
It's that war shit
It's that war shit
And you know what dun

It makes you sick to hear the mobb bang like this
Infamous for the world
Infamous for the world to hate or play this
Don't give a fuck if you can't rock to this
My duns' heads bop to this
We stand out like a tourist
And make
still crank when I hit the keys?
When did dark skinned brothers learn to ski?
Got a thing for Khloe, Lamar lost his feet
Scott Dis'nick, Taylor check me
They're trying to Axl Rose you, welcome to the jungle
To be continued, we on that Norman Mailer shit
In search of the truth even if it goes through Taylor
I ain't stressing, when will you niggas believe
Shit is a breeze
Give me the keys

Just got the newest thang, get it with ease
Hopped up out the bed,
I'm popping and locking, so I can give you a list
All of my lyrics are swift, so the losers never riff
I love giving em bliss, having my name
For lords on road and my hood ladies

Pumped up, feelin' like you drunk drunk
When my beats bump bump
Lyrics hit like skunk blunts blood, now
thought I was slanging
All the beamers were cashing out
You wanna sniff some
Get my dick soft by your own bitch
And a Taylor Swift song when they get
me but cannot balance with me 
I get annoyed when they can't go blow for blow 
I get pissed when I hear the lyrics a sucker brings 
Ha ha, I was
the Ro-gram
That's why you hate me, you can't escape me
You can't even erase me off your tape
We the A-L-K, H-O-L-I-K-S
Comin' like new pimps humps
Meth, not the type for doin' the pipe
But the type when you feel it you know I'm doing it right
You know I spit it but hate to love to admit it
me but cannot balance with me 
I get annoyed when they can't go blow for blow 
I get pissed when I hear the lyrics a sucker brings 
Ha ha, I was
If you think you're swift then forget Merry Christmas
Now stuff that in your stocking
I'm knocking em out the box 'n'
Knocking em out their sock 'n'
me find my way
Taylor be	 done slipped and made a poet wid a babyface
Mastermind wid plenty game, shattered wid no sinners man
Campin' lyrical out
off the get back
Salute me then one, I'm out
Off to the races, my blazes ain't patient
They want to spray shit
Get elephant blown for stalking race
now rockin with the best 

(repeat 2X) 

Verse Two: Phil Da Agony 

You're now rockin with the best, maximum capacity 

for MC's that ain't for
in my own zone

No no love for the po-po
Loco when I rock mics solo
I hope that you know, where you don't go there
Want it with Bolo? Must be coco

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