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Master P
Golds in They Mouth Lyrics
[Chorus 2X: Master P]
Them boys from the south.. got golds in they mouth..
Don't trust them when this sun
It goes quick like lightning, too exciting
Lover of ladies, don't allow biting
Level-headed leader, toy boy feeder
Good love life and a rhyme
addin' up to all these rap addicts
I don't like to divide dough so I multiply flow
And subtract maggots
Like a brand new craftmatic boy I'm back at it
When I hear a kick drum
A bass beat transforms
The level of the street
And the lyrics
Boulevard status.
Yo, I'm the baddest
Beach front
and swings, so at the nude beach people 
Think I'm lookin for lost rings
Play the skin flute Your big boy sings and if you want to take it all wear African
bye bye
Ah ah, ah ah
Yo who told the boy, to pack a forty-five
Ah ah, ah ah
Boom biddy bye bye
Ah ah, ah ah
Now he rest in the place that they
Lyrics: jones & winn
Music: jones & winn

Appears on where'd you get that vibe? .


I got a friend named eric
Used to play that mean
2 Scoops-

Yeah, my mind get complex like sex
nigga Scoop is on the microphone and I gets wrecked
can I wreck this, from Long Beach to Texas
I be
Saboter sur leurs clips
Pisser sur leur lyrics
Juge, prend le risque
Prie le ciel
Montre leur que t'es un homme, boy
Et joue les home boys pour rien
a little dirty boy that was up to no good, 
He had a chip in his tooth and a mic in his hand, 
He had a dirty ass head from the beach and the sand, 
shit to sender cuz no one wants
To hear it yo your lyrics are weak and yes your spirit's
Meek and you an ignorant mother fucker yes it shows when you
Bitch, I'm smoking gas in my chambers like it's the 
We're sorry, your lyric could not be completed because
"Ay you LIL DARKIE, nigga?"
And we
Striped shirt like I'm Tyrone
Yeah I'm yelling lyrics through the megaphone
All the Msfts run up in your home
I'm beginning to feel like I'm Al Capone with
s like Goku
And this boy is harrassing me too
Now he tryna hack me
Fuck it I ain't got no Haku to protect me
But I am tenshi, so I fuck him fuck him up
makes U blind
Nine to nine the beach in the grind
Don't front.. strings look best from behind
Flirting works best with pantomime
I need to be close so
reggae punk child 

Break em on in Stubhystyle 

It's that L dot be dot see dot scene 

Lucky Boys Confusion no we're not from Long Beach 

But from
I only came to have some fun but I get caught up in the rapture
I don't even write lyrics no more, I manufacture
Cold shit, you know that old gold
to have some fun but I get caught up in the rapture
I don't even write lyrics no more, I manufacture

Cold shit, you know that old gold shit, that raw shit
where we are
Champagne, pounds of weed, loud motors in every car
Takin shots, rollin up, money so long can't fold it up
They talkin lyrics ain't dope
Yo its ???? WNBK the only radio station that slams a jam 
check this out ladies from Nasty Boy Klick its the AZ Side

[Chorus] x1
Rambo got the ammo I'm killing them quicker (brrraaatt)
I'm a sniper with the lyrics I'm killing off everybody
Skrt skrt when you hear it I'm peeling off
For the trap boys, I'm the mascot
Go two waps, one Glock what you know about banging?
Man so active, by mistake they found a pair of latex in
I asked my man Victor, what he used to do for fun
He said, he learned to shoot a gun before the age of twenty-one
Crime and abortion, all kinds

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